~Test Realm cont.~

April 26, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

First off...  I would like to send a special shout out to Alvin! HEY ALVIN! I CAN'T WAIT EITHER!!! (inside joke hehe)

Anyways I kinda sorta forgot to include this in the Test Realm Update because I didn't know about it till my bro called me over and said "DUDE! A TEMPEST HAT IS IN BAZAAR!!!" lol Gotta love-em brothers xD

So lucky him he bought the ONLY Tempest hat lol. He might have gotten that but I got a limited edition.... *Pauses for dramatic effect* UNICORN HAT!!! lol It is pretty sweet plus I got a pair of boots that give ice attack and also attack for all schools xD   There are also some new robes that give a dispel card with sweet stats.

Here is where you would find these items in Bazaar:
Hats - level 52-54
Robes - level 52-56
Boots - level 52-54

 Unicorn Hat

 Multi-Stats Boots (same stats but for different schools)

Gives Life accuracy spell to all


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