~Mystery Artist Makes Wintertusk Soundtrack~

April 29, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Yesterday it was revealed to the Wizard101 Spiral through facebook and the Wizard101 site that a secret famous music artist is creating the soudtrack for Wintertusk which is the continuation for Grizzleheim. Over the course of the next few weeks, Wizard101 will be giving clues to whom the artist is. The first clue is as follows:
"Hint #1 - "I’ve performed on Saturday Night Live and my initials are not J.B.!"

Who do you think this is? There have been many comments on the facebook page (691 comments to be exact) about who this "mystery" artist is. If you thought it was Justin Beiber.... You were wrong lol. The first hint says that his initials are NOT J.B. We will keep you posted on new hints etc. so comment on this post saying who you think the mystery artist is and I might (doubt it) give a prize to who guesses the mystery artists identity.

For more information click on the link bellow which will take you to the official page with this info:


  1. Was hoping for Sungha Jung, but I don't believe he's been on SNL. However, maybe Jesse McCartney?

  2. yea. There is actually a post on Homework in a graveyard that you should check out. Here is the link:


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