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April 08, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Ok so a few days ago I was sooooo bored so I decided to pick up a piece of paper and pencil and decided to draw my Wizard101 character. I ended up getting really into it and then before I knew it, I had spent over 3 hours on it! Once I completed it, I felt very proud of myself and I wanted to show it off to the world! So when I heard about my good friend Valerian was hosting one of the contests for the Great Mount Giveaway, I quickly entered my picture into his contest. The contest was "Draw a picture of a Wizard related character or Anime related picture for me to post" so I decided to enter my picture and what do you know! My picture got on his site! I just hope I win now lol. There is some pretty tough competition though... 
Here is the link to the contest page:

and here is the link to the page with the drawings on it:

Here is the picture I entered into the contest:


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