~Grizzleheim Questing~

April 26, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Ok so like I really want my Ice level 58 pet BUT in order to receive the quest, you must have finished the "Nordrilund Exposure" quest NOT THE "Blackbird in a Cage" quest. I have to correct that on the other posts. Anyways I have been questing today and I have gotten all the way through Frostholm. It is a pretty fun dungeon but it is back to back convos with these 2 bears who are 20-30 steps away from each other.  I wish it was more convenient and less back to back talking. The dungeon is super easy if you are a legendary wizard and it is even easier if you have another legendary wizard helping you!  

Baldur says:
 "Go to Grizzleheim and start your questing young wizard.  If you want to receive you level 58 pet you MUST complete the  "Nordrilund Exposure"  quest. NOT THE "Blackbird in a Cage" quest. Now go you wizard and quest your heart out!"

Give it up for Baldur Goldpaws ladies and gentleman! xD


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