~I'm Back/Spiral Live/New Pet/Teleporters~

August 11, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! I'm back and I have a LOT to tell. Ok so I have limited time so I am going to make this quick.

  1. I am not on during the weekdays because I can't lol. Rarely I am on on weekdays. Weekends I'm on
  2. Spiral Live, Episode 1, goes live this Saturday!!! WOOT! Tune in at 8:30 EST
  3. New Samoorai pet in the crowns shop. It costs 7,500 Crowns. Click Here
  4. Test Realm Teleporters. You can craft teleporters like the CL teleporters to go from house to house etc. It is sweet! Expensive recipe though. Click Here for Paige's post.

Sorry for the terrible post  but I am rushing cause I gtg. As you know it is a weekday :P Cya XD


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