~My Cousin Playing Wiz!~

August 08, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Yes... My cousin is now playing Wizard101 XD He is from Canada. His Wizard is Mitchell Dragonstaff. He is in the school of Balance. As of today he is level 6. It is pretty sweet to have another family member playing wiz besides Alex :P So far Mitchell has some amazing friends! When he first created his Wizard, I was next to him and then Talon Thunderblade, Mark Stormhunter, and Isaac Stormflame ported and decided to help us level up Mitchell XD It was very generous of them to also add Mitchell.

Nicholas Lionrider and I were talking and thinking about Canadian gift cards that Mitchell could get. The only Canadian cards there are are the Massive Fantasy Palace and Sultans Palace. They are very expensive being priced at $40 a piece. If you ever see Mitchell just say hi :)


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