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August 15, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

Well last night was the first episode of Spiral Live. It was epic. At first the chatroom and all our viewers had no idea what to expect then after a few minutes we began. We had viewers waiting for over an hour before WE showed up. They were all in our chatroom at around 7:30 Eastern. They really seemed to enjoy it and our new thing that everyone knows who has watched the first episode. Ethan the sound guy! Seriously we had everyone chanting that all night.
 Later at the after party everyone wanted to add me and Blaze I felt like Ditto at the Ravenwood Ball! Then later Stephen Spirit Caller dropped in and I thought everyone would crowd around him but maybe one or two people talked to him. The rest were talking with my Brother, Ethan, Blaze or Me. I thought it was really cool. We got some good PvP's after, but since the afterparty was also live Blaze forgot to turn off the screen and so everyone in the chatroom who was facing him knew what spell him and his team were going to use.  I also want to thank Deathy Wiz for that awesome interview after our intermission. He was really calm and I thought he would be nervous since he didn't know he would be on the show. But our plan went great and we stuck to the scedule. The Livestream kept shutting off a few times and so we had to put it into three parts but other then that it was fine. No Mic problems except Blaze was a little quiet. 
Our powerpoint everyone enjoyed and I thought that was awesome. I also want to thank our contest winner of the KI Free Game code Drop Echo who won the KI Free game code of 38,540 points on Dueling Diego. Please tell us what you won we would love to hear from you. Also we had so many advertisments set for episode 2 already that I am not sure if we will get to them all. Music videos I am not sure about for Episode 2 since Blaze won't be here. But that's nothing to worry about because we have two co hosts that could help me out that day in mind. They are Talon ThunderBlade and Deathy Wiz that you met yesterday. So stay tuned in for more Spiral Live news. Until then ETHAN THE SOUND GUY! :D 
 -Nicholas Lionrider

Anyways that's an overview of the show from Nick but look at this review from Wizard101 Press!

"The Spiral is buzzing because the Spiral just went LIVE! 15 Wizard101 Press members including me were listening in, we all usually make a review and combine them. This time we went on the Xbox Live Server (we cant make a group that big on Skype ) and just couldn't decide. The first time in the history of Wizard101 Press, we cant make a formal review. So we all made words to define Spiral Live, today 8/14/11, we took 4 hour of talking,NO ONE COULD AGREE! We all! ALL! Had the kinda same review. WE ALL LOVED THE SHOW! So we stopped and made a word, 


So after we make a review, in this case word we make a grade. Sigh. It was an A. We here are so weird at Wizard101 Press. 
Jack Icecaster: "A++++"
Alexander Firegem: "A+, Standard!"
Myself: "Homerun! A++"

Voice of reason:

Malorn Skyrider: "Triple A, AAA"

Rating of Spiral Live, first time ever:

Anyways, here is the link to our Livestream where you can watch Episode 1 of Spiral Live :)

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