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January 07, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

Introducing the new and improved The Transcended Taumaturge and mywizard101site.... From Shadowhorn productions comes Tales of The Spiral!

On this new "updated" version of the site I am now proud to announce that Ethan (The Sound Guy) Mythcaller is now my co-partner on this blog! He will now be posting his stories and tales of his journey throughout the Spiral here on the blog.

Now you may know Ethan from my podcast Spiral Live. Well Ethan is an epic Mythological Wizard who loves using his new Cyclops spell and spending 15k Crowns on Wyvern and Dragon hoards ;P But that's not for me to tell so let's hear from Ethan himself!

Ethan is posting the rest of this under this line so please remember to give Ethan a warm welcome :)

Hey guys!

It's Ethan MythCaller writing about my adventures in the spiral.

So today, I finally beat Wizard City!!!!! I even went to Krokotopia through the portal in Bartelby. Well, I didn't beat ALL of it. I still have a few mission in Colossus Boulevard to do but other than that, I'm finished and will hopefully be starting Krokotopia tomorrow.

On a sadder note, I spent 15,000 crowns on Wyvern and Dragon Hoards hoping to get a mount, but I didn't. Instead, I got about 100,000 coins worth of furniture and other junk that I will probably sell. However, it wasn't all terrible, I got an amazing Vigilant Dragon pet with a pedigree of 63! Which I would say is pretty good for a level 19. I also ranked it up to a teen, but it didn't get one of its epic talents unfortunately. Hopefully next time I might get a better talent. I also got a few other really cool pets, and some nice snacks.

Today I also spent a lot of time with my good friends Blaze Shadowhorn and Nicholas Lionrider, who generously invited me to do a dungeon in Mooshu with them even though they would gain nothing from it. I, however, gained two levels, so I was very thankful to them.

Something I hope to do at the end of every post is post a picture or two of my accomplishments since my last post. So here are a few pics of my day in the spiral...

Thanks for reading my mini new post :) I hope to have an amazing experience here and hope to have many amazing posts that you will love :)

Cya in the Spiral!


So that's Ethan's first "post" here :D We just needed to fit it all in one major post but from now on his posts will be actual posts.

Now for my story. Today as Ethan said we did some farming and I got some pet snacks. I used 20k gold to get some rank 7 pet snacks and finally went off to rank up my Snowball pet, Vaden. Now Vaden has a variety of talents he can manifest as you can see over at Petnome but what I was surprised about was he manifested Snow Shield at teen! This isn't a Spritely or May Cast Tower but it's still good. Since I don't have any Snow Shields in my deck I can rely on my trusty pall Vaden to hit me up with one every so often :) I hope that since Vaden's talent slots are really good he will get some good talents in the future like Snowborn or Freeze. Once he gets to Adult I am gonna hatch him with my Snake In a Basket and hope for a Snowball pet with a higher pedigree and my Spritely talent and hopefully Tower Shield. Speaking of which, I have a few pets I need to rank up and hatch. My Defender Pig still has to hatch and get better talents because someone doesn't like giving me an epic talent and instead a rank 1 talent.

Crazy right! 3 Epic slots and I got Effective as my teen talent. Luckily I got Curse as my Adult talent so it's not too bad ;P It still does give a Dryad card so it's worth using XD

My new Fierce Hound I got from my Epic Bundle needs some Ranking Up to do. I might do that tonight and see if he manifests Spritely (like he is supposed to) or Feint.

Check it. I got a Leprechaun pet a few days ago from the Death Oni while helping a friend in Tree of Life. Good place to farm for amazing drops and items. It's funny because I kid you not a few hours before I got it I was in Bazaar with Nick and I was like I wish I got a Leprechaun pet but I don't know where it drops from! :P

So yea that's my recent updates. So to finish off here are some pics of Vaden and his talent slots and when he got Snow Shield

Now before I rap this up, please check out our new pages like the Spiral Live page, About Blaze (me), About Ethan, and the new Contact Us page.

Also you can now read the Zafaria edition of Beckett Magazine ONLINE! Go check it out here because Beckett is shutting down and that means no more MMORPG magazine from them :( Back to Game Informer from GameStop :P

Thanks for reading our introduction post to Tales of The Spiral! Have a good rest of your weekend :)

-Blaze :)

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