Spiral Live Episode 13... Win!

January 29, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Great show for episode 13. Was nervous but had some great viewers and a excellent after party. Uber Wife (The wife of the Friendly Necromancer) also known as Bailey Skystaff dropped in our chat room and owned me in PvP. I got "burned" pretty bad when I was killed by a Rain of Fire. Saddest part was of all transformations she was a fairy. So I got killed, by a fairy. Embarrassing much. Anyways great show, even without Blaze. His segment was good and I think our viewers really enjoyed it. So my rating was a 5/5 just for working. Being alone I thought I would just like ruin everything. But it all worked out and I am happy. :)

Well I have talked to Nick and listened to the podcast and I must say I agree that it went very very well :D I loved the intro music and I loved the Twilight reference :P "Seriously Girls. If you see a guy in the commons named Jacob in a wolf transformation don't go will you be my bf." LOL Nick :P Saying you winged this I say it went very well :) I hope you all liked my Segment at the end :)

Well if you didn't listen in, you can watch it bellow.
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