Remembering Heather Emeraldflame

January 04, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

One year ago today we lost a very special person in the community. Heather Emeraldflame.

Many people knew her in game and knew her from her blog I personally did not have the honor of meeting her but from what I have heard she was an amazing person with an amazing personality.

Sadly, Heather passed away last year on this day, January 4th, and the community was forever changed. From that day forward so many new things have happened from numerous new spells to countless worlds. Heather would have loved to see the community that is today.

As a community we have all mourned this day and we hope that Heather is peaceful wherever she may be. May her memory be remembered forever.

Please help us remember Heather by using the hastag #rememberheatheremeraldflame on twitter and on facebook.

You will always be in our hearts Heather and your memory and doings for the community will always be cherished.


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  1. I have hear of her... She was an awesome person...
    -Jordan SunFlame


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