~Hydra Hatching~

January 28, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

It might be luck... or it might be skill but getting 3 hybrid pets in a row, thats pretty awesome xD I was on my Balance and I was hatching my Hydra with my Colossus and I was soooo fortunate to get.... the Creeper pet xD it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! But thats not all!!! I also hatched with my Alex Hawk's Helephant and I got...  Helion!!! I was so excited! Then I was in the hatchery looking for a Stormzilla to hatch with, so I would have all of the elemental Hydra Hybrids... I found one and I got the Leviathan pet xD Don't confuse it with the level 58 Storm spell leviathan but it is somewhat the same... This pet is a purple Hydra xD I can't wait for it to hatch!!!

Picture 1 is Creeper; Picture 2&3 are Helion; Picture 4 is of my Leviathan egg


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