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WOW! To think I am in Celestia already on my Balance xD Well let's forget about Celestia for a second and focus on Malistaire Drake. So I got the quest to go battle Malistaire and I did... Sadly I didn't get what I wanted....  Someone who I was with (or me on their wiz) got what they wanted though.... xD  So here is how it goes...
Long ago, well more like 10 minutes ago; 3 brave Wizards set out to confront and defeat the evil Malistaire Drake. The 3 brave heros were Blaze Shadowhorn (balance), Alex Hawk (fire), and Brahm Deathwraith.
These brave wizards wandered deep into Malistaires lair to confront him... It took a lot of will and might to defeat the evil Malistaire but nothing is to hard for the tremendous 3! Blaze got a Malistaire robe for a Life wizard which he was not;  Brahm got a few pet snacks (as usual) and Alex... Lucky Alex got the honor from Malistaire to take the step to awsomeness... He got.... the Stormhound! Donn, Donn, Donn..... He was stunned by the honor of this egg (Stormsquall egg) he didn't know what to do! He realized that he should get out of Malistaire's Layer before he reconsidered it. By the time he returned to his dorm room (he was to lazy to equipt his  home) his egg hatched! A baby Stormhound was given life! The world lived happily ever after (except Malistaire, because he is dead because we killed him 

Here are some pictures of my adventure xD 


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