Grub Guardians & Raven's Hoard Arrive!

January 10, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

It's about time we see a change in the Spiral! :D The new KIFG Grub Guardians has finally made it's way to the Spiral. After many weeks of excitement waiting for the release, the anxious Wizards of the Spiral finally received what they wanted.... A mini-game where you can train your pet! Now when you start off you get a tutorial which tells you how to play Grub Guardians. It is basically like most Tower Defense games. Protect your tower and in this case, your pet food :P In Grub Guardians you also have the choice of playing for a KIFG code vs. Pet XP.

When you log into Grub Guardian you need to choose your Wizard and your pet. You can look through all your Wizards on the account you signed in with and then pick the one you want to use. Then when choosing your pet it will only be able to choose from the pets you currently have in your backpack. This also means you cant use pet's from other Wizards and train them on your alt.

Let's say I want to train my Piggle which is on my Myth and I want to train if on my Ice because I have all my pet snacks on that wiz. I wouldn't be able to train the Piggle without moving it into my Shared Bank and putting it in my backpack.

Now there are many different maps you can play in Grub Guardians but to start off you have Unicorn Way. Then you progress throughout the rest of the Spiral. Once you beat a map you unlock a new map which you can continue at any time. The maps as of now go from Unicorn Way through the Trial of Spheres. If Triton Avenue is hard for me, how hard is Trial of Spheres ;P

Feeding your pet is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Once you complete a map you choose to feed your pet a snack. When the "Feed Your Pet" window opens up, you will see all the snacks you have on your current wiz. Now the part I don't like is it doesn't tell you the rank of the snack. For example the snacks bellow show their school, what stats they give, and how many you have of them. It also says they are Mega Snacks so you know it is either a rank 8+. For most snacks this is not the case. It wont say on a Killer Tomato what rank it is. Bascially it's just go with what ever you have and hope you picked the right snack :)

What is there to say about online pet leveling? Well for the most part it is just like in game except you can't check your new talents until you log in game :P Basically you just get a message saying your pet gained a level and that's it :P Nothing special.

Now this is the most important part of all. It's Impossible to be in game and be on Grub Guardian at the same time. This is because you are logged into Grub Guardian and if you try logging in it will exit you out of Grub Guardian and vice verso. I learned this the hard way earlier. They will also be turning this into an Iphone/Droid app in the future so stay tuned for that but otherwise all you have to do is pick one or the other and then just rock out with your Grub Guarding :) 

Now yesterday KingsIsle released the new Raven's Hoard! This new Raven's Hoard has tons of stuff plus guess what? "...these new items plus pets, treasure cards, pet snacks, and ice themed items." Ice themed items!!! FINALLY!!! Some Ice items in this game XD Also there is a new 2 person mount which I must give credit to Talon Seagem for his idea which he sent into KI his idea about a 2 person bird mount which can hold someone by it's claws. 
There is also tons of new outfit items such as new robes, boots, and hats. New wands such as a sword, hammer type thing, and a bow! Finally a bow :D Something I hope to get and will only wear that XD I love bows if you haven't figured out XD
Anyways here is the info released by KingsIsle about the new pack.

Our newest game card pack has
more gear and weapons than ever!

The new Raven's Hoard game card pack has more new exciting items than any other pack before! Each pack of 7 cards contains achance to receive these new items plus pets, treasure cards, pet snacks, and ice themed items.
What's new in the Raven's Hoard Pack?
The Raven's Hoard Pack has two brand new mounts, the Raven Mount and the Blood Raven two person mount! There's also tons of new gear with different sets designed for energy, PvP and more. To go with your new gear, we have three new sets of weapons - an axe, a new sword, and the first bow weapon in Wizard101! For Wizards with a green thumb, there's also a brand new plant, the Moonflower!

Well enjoy the new pack and don't spend too much on it ;)

Edit: I just bought a few packs and got so much stuff including.... the mount!!!! I'm just kidding :P I wish....

Well I did get a epic bow that comes with 2 Ice Blade spells and a Sword that comes with 2 Blizzard spells. I also got some epic pets including the pet I always wanted.... The Dark Crow :D And the Ice Beetle which was claimed to not be an in game pet which I own!!! This made me so happy plus I got tons of Housing items which are ice so I love them XD Here are a few pics of me and my new epic gear :D P.S. I got the hat but didn't equip it because I have my pig hat on and it gives me my pet energy and I didn't want to loose 12 energy ;)

Included the hat! It gives Ice Blade with 5 attack and resist etc.

Epic Sword

Finally! My Dark Crow :D

My amazing new bow plus a sweet statue XD

The Statue

Me in my new Bow with my Dark Crow, Princess Tiger :)

My Ice Beetle

The Ice Hat

Thanks for reading, see ya in the Spiral :)



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