Test Realm Transformations and Spiral Live ft. Mason Swiftblade!

January 14, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hello wizzy friends :) So the Test Realm is back and we have tons of new things! Well really only new transformations but their really cool so yea :P There isn't much to say about them except they are cool but here is a quote from Nick:
"Their swimming animation looks like they are drowning." 
Nice Nick :P Anyways here is a picture of all the many transformations there are etc.

Credit to Edward Spellcaster. Check these out!!!

Credit to Jecqueline from Facebook.

I must say that these are pretty cool transformations and if you want to see some of them in action go check out Swordroll's blog post about them.

For more info go check out https://www.wizard101.com/game/game-preview

Spiral Live Episode 12 is tonight and we have something special for you! From the UK comes Mason Swiftblade! People say he is the equivalence of The Friendly Necromancer but for the UK. Well Mason tonight will be joining us for the whole episode and informing us about all the new stuff in Wizard101 UK :)

Make sure to tune in tonight right here at the Spiral Live Livestream :)

Watch live streaming video from spirallive at livestream.com

We hope to see you then :D  Four more hours!!!



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