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The one thing common in most MMORPG games is PvP. In Wizard101 this is what a lot of players enjoy the most. Now in Wizard101 UK you don't even have to pay for ranked PvP!!!

Wizard101 UK has announced that in preparation for the Wizard101 Europe PvP Tournament which will be discussed later, they are making PvP FREE for everyone so they can prepare for the tournament.

I think this is a good opertunity for Wizards to grasp their decks and wands and to get crackin on ranking up to Warlord because normally it costs crowns to play ranked PvP. Now as I mentioned, Wizard101 EU is hosting it's first ever Wizard101 Tournament. In this tournament, Wizards will compete in the PvP arena for fun and to step out as the winner with 10,000 crowns or a 2 month Wizard Club Membership.

Now since I only know as much as I read, here are the words of Wizard101 UK Community Manager,  Anemsalok. Excerpt from http://board.wizard101.co.uk/ranked-tournament-event

Hello Young Wizards!
Our European Tournament is about to begin! You have until Sunday the 22nd of January midnight (forum time) to subscribe for it. The Tournament will officially start Monday the 23rd of January!

What do you need to do in order to take part:
- Join the European Tournament Subscriptions thread.
- Give us the name, school and level of your Wizard (make sure the forum account you use correspond to the wizard of your choice).
- Read the Rules.
- Join and win as many PvP Ranked 1v1 matches you can till Sunday the 29th of January.
- Respect the Rules and enjoy to the fullest!
WOW! That's pretty amazing. Basically you have until tomorrow night to sign up for the PvP tournament and remember that this is in Wizard101 UK  not Wizard101 US. Now the main question everyone has is how do I sign up? Well that's fairly simple. All you have to do is click on this link and sign up :P It's pretty simple. Please remember that one of the guidelines is to read the rules so here they are:

  • Only 1 Player versus 1 Player RANKED matches will be taken into account (PvP 1v1). 
  • All Participants have to sign in until the 22nd of January (Forum time).
  • All Participants must fight in the PvP RANKED ARENA of the Unicorn Way.
  • Practice matches will not count. 
  • Any match other than 1vs1Ranked will not count as tournament match under any circumstances
  • All card spells are allowed. 
  • Participation with only 1 forum account is allowed.
  • Pets are allowed.
  • Mastery Amulets are allowed.
  • If a Player gets disconnected or flees, he/she loses this match.
  • Any kind of manipulation made to gain advantage in the Tournament will lead to disqualification. 
  • Team-members of this or any other community can participate since they do not have access to any results. 

It doesn’t matter if the person you are fighting with in the Arena also takes part of the Tournament, in this case the fight will count for you. If you both participate it will count for both. 

All credit for these rules goes to Wizard101 UK over at http://board.wizard101.co.uk/ranked-tournament-event. In addition to this PvP update, Wizard101 UK has added tons of new things to the Crowns Shop. These items include new gear, the Magic Carpet Mount, Fairy Wings, Pets, and the family-favorite Mastery Amulets.

Now remember how I never played Wizard101 UK? Well now I do! Introducin
Well besides Wizard101 UK and all their updates, let's head back over to Wizard101 US and check up on the Snowball pet.

Well as people say, all good things must come to an end. Sadly, this must happen for the Snowball :( The Snowball leaves the Spiral in exactly 2 Days and 20+ minutes. Don't fret if you didn't get it because I just figured out a hint KI gave on proof that it will be coming back next year XD

"So he can stay nice and cold somewhere else until next year." -Wizard101.com

Next year???? SWEET!!! Anyways make sure to say your goodbye's to the Snowball pet because he wont be back "until next year" ^_^


Now remember that HUGE sale Wizard101 was having on Crowns?  Well it ended on January 16th and I finally stocked up on Crowns :D Thanks to the sale, I got an additional 2,000+ Crowns with my purchase of 13,750 Crowns ($25). Let's just say I spent a lot of crowns re-gifting people *cough cough* Talon Thunderblade. Talon gifted me 13 Raven's Hoard packs which I was obviously very grateful for but sadly I never got any of the pets like Ethan :( Although non of us got the mount (except for Nick who got the Raven), Ethan got 5 Ice Beetles, 3 Ice Birds, 2 Storm Birds, 5 Earthwalkers, a few treants, and soooooo much more. You should see his house. It's insane how much he got from Raven's Hoards he got. I want to tell you how much Crowns he spent on it but I will let him tell you that in his next post ;) 

I also can finally finish all the Worlds!!! I now can go back and finish Wysteria, Wintertusk, and at long last Zafaria. This could take a while :P


Remember my last post about SOPA and PIPA? Well Congress has "indefinitely postponed voting on SOPA and PIPA." This is a huge accomplishment for the Online Society because the millions of people world wide have spoken out and the government has ceased the SOPA and PIPA bill for now. Thanks for your help :D For more info visit https://rt.com/usa/news/pipa-indefinitely-sopa-internet-309/ 

If you are a Wizard who is involved in the bloggosphere or pays attention to blogs, you most likely know of Swordroll. Swordroll is an amazing blog run by Jason Goldriver. I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with Jason  in-game. Now Jason is a housing kind of guy. Basically he took over Malorn Ghostirder's position in the community. Jason now runs Housing101 which was handed down by Malorn plus Jason has tons of things about housing on his blog. 

Jason and I chatted for a few then went on a photo shoot :P
That's me and Vaden rocking the background with Jason's Dark Crow :P

Me and Jason at my Imperial Palace

Me and Jason at PvP 

Me and Jason at PvP again :P

Me and Jason at PvP again!
If you couldn't tell, Jason and I love PvP :P Sadly I had to rush away to a PvP match with Ethan, Nick, and mine and Ethans IRL friend Steven. Needless to say we rocked the PvP arena :)

So yea, overall my meeting with Jason was pretty cool :) We had fun chatting and we will be setting up an interview sometime soon :) I highly suggest you go check out Jason's blog over at Swordroll.com and make sure to follow him. Well before I move on, remember those photo's because they are important for the rest of the post ;)
Remember my post on Project Rank Up? Well I didn't do much work with it in 2011 but I finally started it back up! Now before I talk about it look at how my Wizards used to look like and their level....
(Left to right) Myth, Storm, Balance, Fire, Ice

Now here is the rundown of my current Wizards:
  • Ice - 61
  • Balance - 51
  • Storm - 48
  • Myth - 33
  • Fire - 3
  • Life - 5
Now first off ewwww on the outfits :P The only outfit I haven't changed is the Myth outfit. The Storm outfit is still being worn till level 45 and then I have an epic Dragonspyre outfit planned out which has the same robe as Paige Daisypetal and the same hat as Nick but all this is in Purple and Yellow. Go Lakers! :P 

Nick's Hat
Paige's Robe
 Now you may have noticed that I said I have a Life Wizard. In all honesty I think he looks pretty cool :P Ed Lifegem is gonna have some competition now ;P Oh I forgot to mention he has a Life Troll pet which matches his outfit perfectly :P 

As for my Fire, thank god he isn't wearing that Genie outfit anymore :P He actually has some style now which looks pretty cool :)

Yup no more Genie outfit XD He is rocking it with a Firezilla pet which I have had for YEARS! It was my first Wizard101 Giftcard and I remember the day I got it at Best Buy :) Good times... Anyways I got the Galvanic Hammer when KI was giving away those codes over twitter. So yea.... They don't look too noobie do they ;)

Now personally I can write soooo much more but then I will have nothing to blog about! So as I said in the Swordroll section of this post, remember those photos. Why? Because It's time for a MEGA POST CONTEST!!!!

Now this one is going to be an eye spy with my little eye kind of contest :) All you have to do is spot out the difference in the photo and email me your answer to mywizard101site@gmail.com The subject for the email should be Photo Contest.

Once again the object of the contest is to find the difference in these two photos. This should be very easy :P

Now you might be wondering what's the prize. Well the prize is one Hoard pack of your choice! That means you can pick a Dragon, Wyvern, or Raven hoard and it's all yours :) 

Now not everyone can win so as we do on Spiral Live, I will take the correct answers, put them into random.org and come up with a winner :D The winner and I will then meet up in game for me to gift them the prize. Now go and find the difference in these photos! 

See you in the Spiral! 

P.S. Spiral Live is releasing our Party Rock Anthem remix music video this week!!! For more info visit http://lionriderking.blogspot.com/2012/01/party-rock-anthem-parody-recording.html



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