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At long last.... I have finally answered Destiny's interview questions :P On her blog she said background info on my so I will do the same for her.

Destiny Soultamer (Des) is in her 40's (in levels ;P) and she is Ice, and Death. She runs the blog which I highly suggest you go check out and help support her blog because as a community we stick together and help one another. I have known Destiny for quite some time and I must say that she is a really nice and kind person :) Well enough of my blabbering... Onto the Interview!

-How/When Did you start blogging/ Playing W101? 
Well I started playing in 2008. I was over my friend Evans house and he was playing on his Ice level 10 and then I must say it seemed kind of "weird" but then I went home, downloaded W101, and then started playing and these have been the most memorable times of my life XD How I started blogging? Well I first started off blogging a year after playing on a website I made, mywizard101site the original :P I kept it going for a few years then I stopped it a few months into and continued blogging. Little did I know that I would be more then half way to 200 followers :D

-What about Spiral Live? 
Spiral Live? Well it started off with Nick and me talking about a podcast and then he told me his idea and I decided to jump on the idea of me guest-hosting :D We have had an amazing 13 episodes so far and it has been an amazing experience for me and Nick. We learned how to create a RSS Feed, time managing skills, and so much more.

-What is your favorite part about the game? Your least favorite? 
My favorite part of Wizard101 as always is the community. Without the community, we wouldn't have all the amazing things we have today such as new worlds (Zafaria-Nicholas Lionrider), Crowns Shop items, Ravens Hoard (Talon Seagem), and just we would not have the amazing blogs of the community that keep us up to date with all the news in the Spiral. As for my least favorite... I must say the hoards lol. Don't get my wrong I LOVE them! The problem is that in the long run they end up taking up sooooooo much money out of our pockets :P People have spent tons and tons of Crowns on Hoards which is their money but still, it costs sooooo much in the long run.

-I noticed that you have a LOT of followers, I mean a LOT. When did they follow? All at once, or (like many of us) was it just gradually?
Well for me, it was gradually. It has taken me a whole year to reach 100+ followers. It takes dedication and commitment to keep blogging even when your posts get like 50-100 views a post. Sometimes I try making Mega Posts which normally attract 1,000+ views because it includes tons and tons of info. Anyways I would say just stick with it and you will eventually get there :)

-Respond: You're in your house. A friend ports to you. You don't really know this friend, probably got them through a dungeon. Anyhow, they are begging you for treasure cards, sort of getting on your nerves about it. You can't leave, they'll follow you around, you can't delete right away for obvious reasons, and your friend would probably understand what the situation was if you just ignored them. (for lack of better word a few words back) 
Well I would say give them a few cards. One, it's being nice. Two, they will leave you alone. Even if it means giving a few "nooby" cards, you can always re-stock up at bazaar.

-What is your impression on the Hoard Packs?
As I said earlier, I think they are good but very very addictive. I recommend giving a personal limit of when to stop buying Hoards. 

-Lastly, do you have any advice for newer wizards? Or maybe, people starting an alt (ahem)? They're all watching...(pressure)
My advice is to keep working and you will eventually reach the top. Some alts ideas would be work gradually on them. Spend some time working on them. Don't rush ahead. Take your time.

Thanks for the interview and I hope you and others get a lot out of it :)

Thanks again Des for this interview :) I hope the blog readers and Wizards get a lot out of this :)

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