New Hoard Already? Pack-a-Palooza/Valentines Day

February 04, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Already!?!? Didn't we just get the Ravens Hoard? Well we kind of had to guess something would be happening because KI had that huge crowns sale.... Yup a new hoard. Introducing the Kirin's Hoard!!! With a China, Japan, Mooshu theme, this hoard will be one of the coolest in my opinion. Now the sad part is it's not out yet. It's supposed to come out tomorrow according to Nick. P

The cool part is that some of this stuff is already being seen all over the Spiral! Your probably wondering how that's possible when the Hoard hasn't been released yet. Well KingsIsle has once again given us a free item! Yea not the exciting introduction I wanted but what can you do :P KingsIsle has given us the chance at one item from any of the current packs. This includes, Dragons, Wyverns, Ravens, Kirins and Nightmare Hoard? That can't be right. The Nightmare Hoard has left the Spiral. Well now it is back! Just in time for Pack-A-Palooza is the Nightmare Hoard! Now if you missed out on your halloween packs you can get some now. I bought a few and I finally got a Scythe and Broom Staff and a few Mega Snacks :D About time! Also if you want a few pictures of all these epic new Kirin's Hoard items, go check out Swordroll's post over at Swordroll Kirin's Hoard Display.

So basically Pack-A-Palooza will be going on for a bit and during this all Hoards are up to 50% OFF!!! If you want to get your free item, click on this button:

NOTE: Will take you away from this page.  Right-Click and hit "Open In New Window".

Now KingsIsle has also said that they are giving out a lot of stuff but here are the words straight from KI.

  • Up to 50% OFF ALL Packs!
  • Launching our newest pack, The Kirin's Hoard!
  • Giveaways on Wizard101 Social Sites!
  • Nightmare Pack Returns!
  • Free Random Item from one of our Packs!*
  • We’re also giving away one cool item from our various packs, and launching a brand new pack very soon - The Kirin’s Hoard! Check back often during Pack-a-Palooza to see what the new Kirin's Hoard has to offer your Wizard.

    There are also chances to win epic items from all of your favorite card packs. Check out the Wizard101 Facebook page and Wizard101 on Twitter each day during Pack-a-Palooza for a chance to win an awesome item from one of our packs!
    Coming soon, we're partnering up with a major source for Gaming news so you can win the newest mount in the game - but more on that to come during Pack-a-Palooza. Stay tuned for more info! 

    In other news.... Valentina Heartsong is back in the Spiral! She has come once again to flourish us with amazing goodies :D As always she is located in the Shopping District by the Fountain. You can buy from her a series of cool staffs, and epic pets such as the Cupig :D Do you think she has anything for guys? Just Kidding! :P 

    Anyways go off and enjoy the vast Spiral and check in with Valentina and see all the amazing stuff she offers. Now since i'm rapping this post up let me just say that my next post will be an interview with Nelson Everhart, Lead Composer for KingsIsle :D Trust me, you guys are gonna love it XD I don't wanna ruin another surprise but after that interview, I have another one with Lead Concept Artist for KingsIsle, Dave Greco :) This is above and beyond what I ever imagined XD Make sure to stay tuned in for next post which I can guarantee you will love :)

    Cya in the Spiral!


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