March Madness in W101

March 03, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

Yello meh 101 amigos. March has reached the Spiral and there is so much going on.


Two days ago, march 2nd, was Kyle Skystaff's birthday! I bet Friendly and Bailey had an Uber day with Kyle.

Today is my brothers birthday!!! No not Alex but my younger brother!

Monday is my birthday!!! I cant wait!!! Finally getting crowns thanks to ethan and steven :P

Anyways. This month is gonna rock. Btw have you checked out my blog about my book Divination? If you havent, please go check it out at . Id rrally appreciate it if you followed it. Also you can follow me on twitter @Yadin_Bromberg on all of my book updates etc.

Well i'm off to do homework. Enjoy the Spiral!

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  1. Oh, sorry, forgot it was your birthday.
    Happy Birthday, bro.


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