Ninjas In Da Spiral (w/ full info on Ninja Lore)

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*Mooshu Music starts to play*

若いウィザードこんにちは!  -  Hello young Wizards.

Welcome to Ninja Training 101. Eh I mean, information on the new Ninja Lore game pack!

A few days ago, KI released the new Ninja's Lore pack in game. Aside from all the new gear and pets, there are new spells you can obtain for your spell book!

These spells are a brand new genius idea by KI and we must commend them on this expansion. They never let us down. The new spells which you can have in your spell book like any other spell are the Ninja Pig (old Treasure Card), Samoorai, and the Goat Monk. Want to know the best part about these spells? They don't cost you any training points!!! This is very helpful for all the nooby Wizards who want to buy a lot of Ninja's Lore packs and get these spells, then dominate in PvP etc. Here are the "rules" for the new spells.

  • They don't cost training points (as I mentioned) because they are reward cards from a pack.
  • If you buy your training points back from Mr. Lincoln, these cards wont disappear.
  • You can blade, trap, enchant etc. these spells.
  • They obey the rules of power pips and the usage of them.
  • You can never sell or get rid of these cards.
  • Once you get it, you can't get it again.
Here's a clip from my good friend Kelsey Fireheart from Stars of the Spiral showing off the new spells with our good friend Cody (Coco) Raventhorn :)

As for the new gear, we have all these amazing tunics and Mooshu style outfits which i'm sure will be a major hit. I personally think it's pretty cool having all these new items and i'm sure Amber Rosepetal and Mary Dreamshade will adore because of the Japanese theme for all the new gear and pets. Now a quick run down on the new gear. 

  • Chrysanthemum Cowl
  • Chrysanthemum Coat
  • Chrysanthemum Boots

  • Imperial Court Helm
  • Imperial Court Tunic
  • Imperial Court Slippers

  • August Sage Cap
  • August Sage Coat
  • August Sage Shoes
What would Wizard101 be without new wands?
  • Blazing Naginata
  • Sweeping Longspear
  • Thunder Chasing Spear
Here's Kelsey's alt fancying the new gear along with her new Onyx Shenlong Dragon. Isn't she adorable :P

As I mentioned above, the new Shenlong pet's are out which are basically the Wyvern mount but without the saddle and wings. There are 5 Shenlong Dragon pets which you can collect and train.
We have your...

  • Onyx Shenlong Dragon: Color - Purple, School - Death, 51 pedigree, gives Feint
  • Amber Shenlong Dragon: Color - Yellow, School - Myth, 53 pedigree, gives Stun
  • Ruby Senlong Dragon: Color - Red, School - Fire, 54 pedigree, gives Quench
  •  Jade Shenlong Dragon: Color - Green, School - Life, 53 pedigree, gives Legend Shield
  • Ivory Shenlong Dragon: Color - White, School - Balance, 54 pedigree, gives Locust Swarm

As for new housing items, we have tons of new bobble heads which I know Nick is gonna want to collect :P  We now have a Plague Oni & War Oni bobble head, Samoorai bobble head, Proffessor Greyrose and professor Falmea bobble head.

Once I get crowns, I am totally going to be all on this new pack XD Well that and finally finishing Zafaria :P
Anyways, Spiral Live is this weekend and as always, Nick and I will be hosting. Last episode we had Thomas Lionblood aka The Friendly Necromancer join us for a spectacular night. We had our usual contest and because Tom is so generous, he gave a 1,000 Crown code to all the Wizards who got the answer correct :) He also joined us for an after party where we had a Wizard101 football game. The Celestian Skeletons vs. The Wintertusk Wearwolves. I was the Wearwolves captain and Nick was the Skeletons captain. As you can guess, we transformed into our teams name :P i.e. Skeletons, and Wolves :P

All in all it was a great episode :) This week we hope to hit it back up with episode 16 and a new Frozen to Death segment! Actually, FTD has a new website. You can now read up to where we are in the Spiral Live segment by clicking on the top right corner of the book. 

Now the next episode of Spiral Live is this Saturday, 3/10/12 at 8:30 EST. You can join us over at livestream.

Well that just about raps up today's post. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and you join us on Saturday. Cya in the Spiral!


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