Test Realm is Back Online!

April 10, 2013 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

It's been a while but Wizard101 US Test Realm is back up and running with tons of amazing updates! New PvP display, new haircuts, unstitching, and much more! There is so much to cover so let's break this down shall we?

First of all, PvP is having the most changes ever! The end of the First Age and the beginning of the Second Age. What am I talking about? KingsIsle had this to say:
"As we go forward with some changes to our Player vs Player matching system and rewards system, it is necessary for us to put everyone back on the same level playing field. To do this, we will be ending what is called the 'First Age' of PvP in Wizard101. This means that you will receive a badge that reflects the status of your PvP rank the day this update is applied to the Live Game. You will be able to display this badge at any time. When this update goes to the Live Game, all current PvP Ranks will be reset to 500. This does not impact your Arena Ticket balance." -Test Realm Update Notes
As for the Second Age of PvP, the following updates will occur according to KI:

  •  Player vs Player team match formulas have once again been adjusted as of 04 April 2013 and will now rely even more heavily on the level of the Wizards. This should finally reduce uneven team matching and prevent "puppet teams". 
  • To help offset the initial advantage of going first in a duel, the team that goes second will gain an extra Pip, or potentially a Power Pip, depending on the individual's Pip Chance. 
  • We have also made changes that will reduce the time you have to wait for a match to be made, both in the Player vs Player Matches as well as in the Pet Derby matches.
  • New Leaderboards are available in the game for you to keep track of your ranking in Ranked PvP. These Leaderboards are not available outside of the game. 
  • Arena Ticket rewards for Ranked PvP wins and losses are now based on the PvP Title of the individual who competed in the duel New rewards are available to be purchased with Arena Tickets! 
  • You can now place a PvP Kiosk in your home and access PvP & Derby from the comfort of your castle. An Azteca themed Arena has been added to the mix!
It should be very intriguing how this turns out but in addition to these updates, there is a new way to spectate PvP matches.

Seems pretty sweet huh? I feel like this will be a big hit in the game and will get tons of positive feedback. 

One of the other major updates is a new thing called hair styles. We have been begging KI for years asking them to give us a way to change our hair and they have finally come through and given us this. Hair styles will be available for purchase in the crowns shop as well as being drops from bosses. There are five new hair styles which you can wear:
  • The Housemartin - a short over the ear cut for both males and females 
  • The Kestrel - a short above the shoulders cut with sweeping bangs for both female and male 
  • The Martlet - same cut as the Kestrel, but with an added accessory for both male and female 
  • The Owl - a medium length cut with sweeping bangs for both female and male 
  • The Swan - a stylish up-do for female characters and a wavy short style for males
It seems as though many people will start wearing these hair styles and customizing to get even more amazing looks! With that being said, Eloise has finally learned how to unstitch our previously stitched items! Isn't this amazing!? If you have space in your backpack, Eloise will unstitch a previously stitched item of yours for only a few crowns! 

In addition to that, a sad thing has happened. The Reshuffle spell has changed. Each reshuffle card you have in your deck or sideboard can now only be used once per duel and will not reshuffle back into your deck when cast. Have no fear, we will all get through this tough time (lol). 

KingsIsle has also added three new card packs which are full of Azteca furniture. Also, for all you crazy crafters out there, they have also added a new house for you to craft! If you are a Master Artisan, you can head over to Avalon to receive the recipe for this amazing house.  

Finally, there is one last update (aside from the various quest and spell changes) that really intrigued me. As you very well may know, the street signs in Wizard101 say the street name as seen in the image bellow.

With the new updates, KingsIsle has fixed this up and made it a lot more interesting. Where it once said "Ravenwood", now there will be an icon of Ravenwood as seen in the image bellow.

What do you guys think of that? I feel like for new Wizards, it will be complicated finding your way around at first but eventually you'll get the hang of it. 

Well that's all for the Wizard101 US Test Realm updates. Check back tomorrow for a special post with tons of contests and info regarding how you can win many prizes such as crowns, permanent mounts, and more! 

See you in the Spiral!


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