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April 01, 2013 Blaze Shadowhorn 4 Comments

The past few days, I have done a variety of things.  I have started gardening again, I hatched with my alt accounts Smith pet, bought crowns, wasted 10,000 Crowns on card packs, and I leveled up my Storm to level 45. The best part was, after 8,000 Crowns, I FINALLY GOT THE HYDRA MOUNT!! But then again, APRIL FOOLS!! (Not the best, I know, but I couldn't think of anything else lol). I didn't get a single permanent mount from all the card packs but I did get a few day and week rental mounts. Anyways, with all these crowns I still have, I realized, I can have contests again! I'll include some ideas for contests at the end of the post so look out!
I know many people in our community are hatching experts so when I first decided to hatch my Blossom Pixie (63) that had Spritely and Ice Giver, with my alt accounts Smith (64) that gave Conviction and had may cast  fortify, this is what I got.

I got the better hatch! Our pets "switched" and he got mine but it all worked out well. I finally ranked him up yesterday and he got Conviction and Ice Giver (figures) lol. Asides from this, I got a good 15 pets from all of my card packs. Tons of the new beast pets which I find very cool as well as many other pets. Sadly, I didn't get any mounts but it's all good. With that being said, I spent countless hours on my Storm doing Dragonspyre quests with my bro Alex. I wen't from a level 42 to 45 in just a few days. Now I must say, my gear looks epic! 

What do you think of it? I like it a lot and find it very epic haha. Anyways, you may be wondering about the contest ideas I have. With my new crowns, I am very tempted to give a few card packs (yes I will spend more crowns on them) through a few contests. Some twitter trivia, maybe a drawing contest and I'd throw in a few crowns, or maybe do something unique to give them away. I want to know from you, what card packs do you like the most (not including Mega Snack Packs)? Comment bellow with what you like the most so I can start thinking about what to get you guys. I'm going to the mall tomorrow with my friends and GameStop is there so I'm picking myself up a gift card but maybe I'll see what I can do and possibly pick one up for you guys ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and you have a merry April Fools Day. 
See you in the Spiral!

                   Introducing the Slowpoke Sloth Mount!
Act Now - This Leisurely Mount is Available for a Limited Time Only! You can find this dawdling, drowsy, disinclined Slowpoke Sloth mount in the Crown Shop for only 1,750 Crowns! You have to hurry though (unlike this mount at his cautious negative 40% speed!), he will only be available until Sunday, April 7th at 11:59pm US Central Time. To view more information regarding this, you can view the Wizard101 Sloth page here and the Pirate101 page here. What do you think of that? ;)


  1. What pack so people I know personally like most? Probably Keeper's Lore :P At least that's what I like o_o Anyways, I was going to say congratz on the hydra mount, but you decided to troll your readers xD

    PS: For a contest, maybe a 20 question trivia? c:

    1. Haha xD Yeah that'd be a good idea! I'll keep that in mind :P

  2. I prefer the new pack Shaman's lore pack but Keeper or knight lore pack are also pretty awesome. Just a thought


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