Seven Days of KI (Day 1): The Announcement

April 19, 2017 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

When I first started Tales of the Spiral in September of 2010, I dreamed of one day visiting KingsIsle Entertainment. Today, I'm happy to announce that my dream is becoming a reality.

From the 27th through the 30th of April, I am going to be in Austin, Texas attending DreamHack Austin for work. When I realized how close it was in proximity to KI, I had to reach out to my long-time friend and mentor, Thomas Lionblood (aka The Friendly Necromancer, aka Dworgyn, aka One-Eyed Jack, aka the Community Manager for KI) to see if we could meet up. We were both super excited about the idea and guess who is now going to be touring KI that day?

What day are you visiting?
Wizards, April 27th is a day you won't want to miss. I will be vlogging my whole adventure throughout my time at KI which will eventually be published on my YouTube Channel.

Will you be posting it on social media? I want to watch!
I will also be posting live footage throughout the day on my Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat with unique content on each platform so make sure you're following them all by clicking here.

What exactly is Seven Days of KI?
Seven Days of KI is a seven day long segment where I will be posting my stories and memories from my time in the community here on Tales of the Spiral. All of this will be escalating in hype as we near the 27th when I visit KI.

On day seven (April 26th), I will have a special surprise for all of you that you most definitely won't want to miss out on.

Keep checking back every day for the newest piece of content in this segment and I'm very excited to share this journey with all of you.

Comment Time!
Everyone has a game-related question they want to ask KI but they never get the chance. I'm giving you this opportunity. Comment below what changes in the game you would like to see implemented or what ideas you may have that could better the game and I'll pick a few to share with KI!

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

See you in the Spiral!


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