A Helpful Ironworks Guide

September 16, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! Rachel Windtalon  helped me create the following guide for the Ironworks. You should go and check out her blog, The Helpful Sorcerer. Enjoy!

When you first enter the Ironworks, you first need to talk to Baxter who is not far from the entrance.

He tells you that you need to defeat some O'Leary Nappers to get a key to unlock a gate.

When you get the key from the O'Leary Nappers, go to Baxter again and he'll tell you to go unlock the gate.

But surprise, surprise, behind Gate #1 is Gate #2! Go talk to Baxter again and he'll tell you what to do.

So like Baxter says, go and confront Nails O'Leary for the combination.

Of course, we have to beat him up.

Like Nails said,the combination will be above the exit on your way out.

Snake, Bird, Beetle
Go and tell Baxter what a great job you did.

And behind door #2 is.......

NOTHING!!! Now go and meet Baxter.

OK, now we need to go into the warehouse and recover some plans.

When you get the plans, deliver them to Baxter where he will tell you some dire news.

Well I doubt anytime someone wants to break someone else out of any prison it's never good for anyone, except the prisoner that it.

So now Baxter tells you that you need to defeat Pops before he can break the prisoner out.

It's always a secret room, isn't it?

But if it's a secret room, it's secret for a reason.

Go back to Baxter and explain your dilemma.

How nice of Baxter to give us directions.

Well, well, aren't we cocky today? Defeat Brandy and...

He'll tell you what you need.Now lets go open that door and face Pops himself.

Can anyone say "Shocker"? Defeat Pops and progress in the quest line.

Awww. Well go talk to Baxter to finish the quest line.

Hold up! Before you go and warn Mr. Bones, be sure to get the book pedestal and the alley cat.

When you get to the area where Pops is, look left and you'll see the book. As for the alley cat, just go through the door behind Pops and he'll be near the railing.


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