~60 Followers and almost 15,000 Views! Contest Announcement Included~

June 20, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 3 Comments

WOOT! I would just like to thank all of my amazing followers for helping me reach this milestone! You guys are like my Gatorade. You keep me going and You encourage me to keep making posts. I am so thankful that I have reached this milestone!!! You guys don't know how much this means to me XD The fun and most important stuff is bellow this next part.

This is how I felt when I saw I had 60 followers (looks like a bad video but it is HILARIOUS!!!:

Contest Announcement!!!
So in honor of my blogs 60+ followers and soon to be 15,000 views, I am going to run a sweet contest! The catch is I am not going to give out the contest info until 7/4/11. 
  1.  Because it is U.S. Independence Day
  2. It is the day I am hosting my blogs Annual 4th of July Party!!! 
It is going to be the second biggest Wizard101 party of the year!!! You might be like "Nah I think your over exaggerating Blaze..." Well to prove you wrong here are my facts:
  1. We have 152 people attending as of 6/20/11 7:36 PM EST Time and that is just from Facebook!!!
  2. We are expecting a good 25-75 Wizards who said maybe on Facebook to attend.
  3. We have an additional 100 Wizards attending from Twitter, Diary of a Wizard etc.
  4. Don't forget the additional x amount of Wizards who port to their friends
Basically there are going to be a lot of Wizards there lol XD I am expecting a good 250+ Wizards from all around the Spiral at the party. The only party that I know of that is bigger then this is the Ravenwood Ball. That has a good 500-1000 Wizards that attend!!!

Here is the list so far of a few famous Wizards who can attend:
  • Friendly Necromancer
  • Bailey Skystaff
  • Stephen Spiritcaller (can't due to IRL plans)
  • Kevin Battleblood (most likely)
  • Edward Lifegem
  • Fin and Quinn
  • Luke Goldhorn
  • The Elementalists
  • The Rug Bugger
A lot more famous Wizards will be there. Sorry if I forgot you lol. I am in a rush cause I am going to go catch some dinner at the Beach XD 

I hope to see you at my party! I will also be hosting a PvP tournament in my Sultans Palace. Make sure to check the inside of the house for the amazing rooms and sweet rug cheats XD

P.S. I just realized that this is my longest post XD Well written post that is ;P


  1. I will be there, oh and check out my blog at therugbugger.blogspot.com!

    Wolf S.

  2. Oh yea, Now i am the 61st follower good job!

    WOlf S.

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