~Pet Rank Ups~

June 09, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

So recently I have gotten many mega snacks so I have used them to rank up 2 pets of mine. I first ranked up my Snake in a Basket to Ancient which I am proud to say is my 1st pet at that rank! XD It's talents are Spritely, Gargantuan, and Pip O' Plenty. They are sweet talents which I was sooooo glad that I got :D

Next I ranked up my new Assailing Dragon! I got this from the new Dragon's Hoard pack. It has some sweet talents XD It has Gargantuan and Curse. I was hoping for Spritely instead of Curse but that works to :)

I also bought a Storm Elf on my Balance. To do this you must be a Captain+ in PvP. I have been wanting it for a while so I was excited to get it :)  Bellow are pictures on the talents and my Storm Elf:

My Snake in a Basket's Talents

My Assailing Dragon's Stats

My New Storm Elf Pet


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