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Contest!!! (much easier then the last contest ;)
Here ye here ye! mywizard101site is holding their 50th follower contest XD To be entered, you must be following my site. Here is the information:

  • The first 2 correct answers will win
  • Limited to only 1 submission per Wizard
  • ***Email me your answer at mywizard101site@gmail.com 
  • The prize is a Kingsisle games code which can be either a 7 day mount, potion, or gold
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (JUST KIDDING LOL)

Some of you are probably wondering if this will be as hard as my last contest where you had to kill 2,000 Undead and get the badge... Well I promise that this wont be even close to as hard as that was lol XD

The question is as follows:

Where am I (area wise not world wise) in the pictures bellow (same location, different pictures)


  1. Well both are in stormriven, do i need to be more specific? first is one the entrance side, second is on the column boss side, right behind them.

  2. You correct but... Contest already closed... Sorry :( Try for the 10,000 views contest when I post it. It will be during this week. Winners will be posted later


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