~Limited Time Only Pet and 4th of July Party~

June 28, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Sup Wizzy peoples!!! So as you have probably heard, Wizard101 has come out with a new pet in honor of independence day and the 4th of July! So you remember my post on Friendly and his pet-a-palooza post and the sneak pet at 14 second part. Well that pet has finally come to the Spiral!!! Introducing the Patriotic Leprechaun!!! It costs 2,500 Crowns but it is worth it because it has a 58 Pedigree and it gives 1 Satyr card XD
It is sweet for all you Wizards attending my 4th of July party. Speaking of my party, we have 200+ Wizards going!!! I have a good 300+ cards left over from the Ravenwood Ball for prizes and I hope to give them all out XD I am going to be giving out many many Treasure Cards to for the following contests/reasons:

  • If someone has the new Patriotic Leprechaun and they approach me and show me the pet, they will receive a few cards.
  • I will be having a PvP tournament
  • I will be having a best dressed contest. Whoever has the best 4th of July themed outfit wins
For the best dressed contest, the prizes are as follows:
1st Place - 30 Cards and a KI free games code
2nd Place - 15 Cards and a KI free games code
3rd Place - a KI free games code

I hope to see you all there! Here is a picture of the Patriotic Leprechaun:

Limited Time Only - The Patriotic Leprechaun!
A new pet has landed in the spiral, and he loves to dance! The Patriotic Leprechaun is available for a limited time only, and is ready to run around the derby and play some mini games. Bring him to your Wizard101 4th of July house parties!


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