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June 15, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

yo wizzys! So I decided to take some time to create 2 guides on reagents. One guide is on finding pearls, kelp, shells, and gold and the other is on finding frost flowers, and cattails. I also found a few nice links regarding reagents and crafting. Here are the links:
If you need to find Pearls, Kelp, Shells, or you just want some gold, go to the Portico because in every run of the dungeon, you find 2 pearls, 2 shells, 1 kelp, and 1 wooden chest. This is very helpful and important to know.

You can also find a lot of Frost Flower in Mirkholm Keep. The specific area where a lot of Frost Flower and Cattails is in the giant pond by Herkir. You can find 2-3 Frost Flowers and 2-4 Cattails there on one realm! Now thats a lot of reagents.

Here are maps that show the locations of these reagents and where to find them:

Here is the Portico map 

Here is the Mirkholm Keep map


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