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June 05, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Hey guys! So remember my post on meeting up with Chase Earthblade from http://wizardsofthespiral.blogspot.com/ well Chase writes stories about Wizard101 etc. and it's like a story line on his questing life and it is very cool! I got the honor of being included into his most story XD It is really cool. Here is a short excerpt from it:
"Ellie and I were revisiting Krokotopia the other day. We were walking around when all of a sudden, Ellie wasn’t there anymore. I turned around and looked all over for her. When I turned the corner, I saw my friend Blaze ShadowHorn. 
“Hey Blaze, excuse me I’m kind of busy at the moment,” I said. “Hey where is Ellie,” asked Blaze,”did she wonder off again?” “Yes, do have any idea where she went,” I said frantically. “Well I did see a moving box earlier,” laughs Blaze, “follow me.” I followed him as we went to the other side of the pyramid. At the end of the hallway I saw Ellie’s ears sticking out of a box..."

Isn't this sweet XD If you want to read the rest of this fabulous story, remember to check out the post which  is included in the link bellow:


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