~Here today, Gone Tomorrow/New Blog Updates!~

August 21, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! Well tomorrow I am leaving for a week long over-night. This means I wont be back till next Sunday which means a few things:

  1. I wont be able to post *cries* :(
  2. I am missing Spiral Live Episode 2
Even though those are great losses, I'm gonna be at a camp area and this year Alex is coming!!! But anyways, enough about me and more about the blog XD

Today, with the help of my co-host on Spiral Live, Nicholas Lionrider, Lionriderking and I made huge updates to the blog XD If you noticed we changed many things. I got rid of the left side toolbar to make posts bigger so I can post better pictures and make better and easier to read posts. I got rid of tons of apps that were making the blog very very slow and now.... It is 5x quicker then it originally was!!! It can load completely in 10+ seconds! I added some of the items to the end of the right toolbar and I added a lot of items to the bottom of the page.

Basically I totally remodeled the blog and all just for you, my viewers *audience goes "awwww"* :) (and myself ;) Anyways I will see you all next week and make sure to tune into Spiral Live Episode 2 on 8/27/11 which is this Saturday. You will be able to view it at the following link:

Thanks for reading my post :)


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