Blaze's Weekly Overview Post! (1st ever!!!) With Prizes!

October 07, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

Yo  yo you Wizzys! You are here for the first ever Blaze's Weekly Overview Post!!! I kinda took the idea from Nick but me and him are bros so he wont care :P Basically I am going to talk about this whole weeks topics in just one post!!!  Your probably like, Blaze... You never do this! You like your separate posts...
I feel like doing this because I am behind on my posts and this is to catch up lol.

Myth Questing in Marleybone.
So yea my myth is almost done Marleybone! Just have a few more instances then I am done. I am lazy to include pictures and more detail for this sub-post cause it's boring so onto the next sub-post!!!

Test Realm!!!
Yup the test realm is up! Although it doesn't involve new worlds or anything I still think it is pretty cool :) Here is what's being tested:

  • The Black Panther is now in the Crown Shop!!! 
  • Maps have been updated for game worlds (Grizzleim and Celestia)
  • New Housing Signs are available in the Crown Shop!
  • Ability to place items in water in Sunken Palace! (Finally ;)
So lets start with a rundown of all of them in order.
  1. The Black Panther I like because you can finally get it from the Crown Shop!!! I don't like it because I still have my 15 day rental :P 
  2. The Maps I haven't seen but I heard that there isn't much of a difference except for some new labels on them so that's cool I guess.
  3. The Housing Signs are where it's at! These are totally epic! You now don't have to worry about wondering who's house your in because you can now get signs that can say 107 different sayings! I definitely want this because it is easier for me to label my houses rather then, Sultans Palace, Storm House, etc. I can now pick from different signs! Some of them include "Gone Fishing",  etc. They can range from 500 to 1,500 Crowns plus they come in different designs for every world! Here are some pictures of them from Paige Moonshade:

4. Finally they let us place items in the water of the Sunken Palace! It has been frustrating everyone and this was the only reason  preventing me from getting one. It makes it a lot more convenient then the limited open ground that you could place items in.

Starting Wysteria Say What!
Yea you heard right! I finally got crowns and Started Wysteria!!! I am sooooo excited to finally be able to do the amazing story line and well thought out quests. I can't wait to get the Spiral Cup and finally display it in my epicness Trophy Area XD
Finally! Water Arch!

First Quest!

My Favorite thing about Wysteria... Flying Pigs :P

First Battle

Hasta Lavista Baby XD

Seem a bit Krokotopian or Sultans Palace to you?

Rude are we.

Yup... Keep slamming the really old tree... Nice.

Ooh. Water. How Magical :P
I also recorded a YouTube video my first in a while) and it's all about the Wysteria Schools. Enjoy :)

Halloweens a Comin To The Spiral!
*cue spooky music* Yea buddy! Halloweens a comin to the Spiral!!! Spooky Bob, Jack Hallow, and the whole crew are back to give you a scaring good time this Halloween. With new pets, epic quests and outrageous requests, you'll have a spook of a time :) See I rhymed :P Well to get started. The crews back and Spooky Bob is in the shopping district once again. He's got his spooktacular clothing items and this year he is back with not one, not two, not three but four pets!!! The Black Cat is back as usual but now we have the legendary pet which has been predicted, the Zombie Piggle! We also have the Nightmare, and Ghost Dragon. The Zombie Piggle does not come with a spell  but the Nightmare (which was already a hatchable pet) and the Ghost Dragon do! The Nightmare comes with Meteor Strike while the Ghost Dragon comes with Animate (Death Minion Spell). The black cat is 1,500 Crowns, Nightmare is 2,500 Crowns, and the Ghost Dragon is 3,000 Crowns. Here is a picture courtesy of The Diviners Lane.

Zombie Piggle (Found in Crown Shop not Spooky Bob)
I must say I spent a good 1,000+ Crowns on halloween items this year, not on pets (because I got Black Cat a few years ago by accident cause I thought it was gold :P) but on clothing! I got the Skeleton Head hat and the Scary Pumpkin staff :) They look epic with my costume XD I will be wearing it the whole month XD  How do you like the new blog layout! I think it's pretty epic XD
Yea that's me :) Epic header right XD I have  the cancer symbol in the bottom right corner because it is Cancer Awareness Month. Please do your best to remind people to support the fight against Cancer. 

I also hung out with my Twin today, Talon Thunderblade and him and I have the same costume!!! Except his is based off of his normal colors :P Check our epic picture from earlier XD 
That's totally Swagadelic XD Were totally the skull dudes of Nightside XD

So many ___-a-palooza's it's hard to count! Mount-a-Palooza, House-a-Palooza, Pet-a-Palooza, and now Gear-a-Palooza! Well let's start this off with some background info. Gear, Weapons, and Amulets up to 50% OFF!!!                                                     "Now through October 16th, Wizard101 is celebrating Gear-a-Palooza! If you like having powerful gear for PvP matches or customizing your Wizard’s total look - then Gear-a-Palooza is going to delight. We're cutting the Crowns prices of Gear, Weapons and Amulets so you can save up to 50% off in the Crown Shop. On top of the great savings for gear, we're also giving Wizards a Free complete set of Barbarian Gear! You can also try to win even more fun prizes with the Wizard101 Design Your Own Gear Contest. Read the information on this page to find out more on how to participate!"

So basically, all the items in the Crown Shop are up to 50% off which is epic! Turns out you can also get the Barbarian Outfit for FREE! All you have to do is when you see this sign when your logging in game, except it will say, "Get Your Free Barbarian (Helmet, Robe, Boots) you click it and it will take you to this page here which is for the helmet. The list is as follows for what is redeemable when: October 6th-9th is the Barbarian Helmet, October 10th-13th is for the Barbarian Furs (Robe), and October 14th-17th is for the Barbarian Shoes. Get yours today!

Ravenwood Radio Episode 50!!!
Congrats Stephen and Fallon!!! Ravenwood Radio just had Episode 50!!! They had soooo many prizes to give out. It was between 49 and 51.... Yea they gave out 50 prizes!!! This was a variety of prizes ranging from 750 Crowns-Epic and Mega Bundles! They had so many contest questions it was hard to keep track! Some of them were really challenging though. Anyways Episode 50 was a blast because Steve and Fallon had so many others hosting with them! They had Ditto, Icy, Friendly and a few others. Believe it or not I actually won a contest!!! I won the twitter contest. It was fairly simple. All I had to do was talk about Episode 50 and use the #RR50 hash-tag. I don't know what I won but I believe it is crowns. Thanks again guys for an amazing episode!!! May you keep broadcasting till episode 120!!!

Wyvern's Hoard Card Packs:
What's the deal with the Wyvern's Hoard packs... They have pros and cons. The pros are you can get teleporters, mounts, and amazing items from it. The cons are the low percentage it has of you getting it. I bought 8 Wyvern's Hoard packs and to my surprise I actually got 3 teleporters! Sadly no Wyvern mount :( I also only got 3 items of clothing and tons of housing items :P I want the Mooshu Well housing item :P Contribute to the cause, gift me Wyvern Hoards. ;)

Introducing Shadowrider Academy!!!
Shadowrider Academy is an academy run by me, Headmaster Blaze Shadowhorn and co-Headmaster Nicholas Lionrider. We came up with the name Shadowrider Academy because it has part of each of our last names. Blaze Shadowhorn and Nicholas Lionrider. We are one of the currently 5 or 6 Academies in the whole Spiral!!! We have a current head count of 30+ students and 15 professors. We offer various classes such as the ordinary school classes, PvP, Gardening, Crafting, and Pet Training. We have many positions still open and we are currently hoping to be done with the Academy building by next weekend.
Here is the teachers roster so far and if you want to apply look for the blank ones:
Ice - Blaze Shadowhorn (headmaster)
Fire - Nicholas Lionrider (headmaster)
Death - Justin Shadowblade
Life - Edward Lifegem
Balance - ____________
Storm - _____________
Myth - ______________
PvP (must be warlord) - ___________
Gardening (must be grandmaster gardener) - __________
Crafting (must be grandmaster artisan) - __________
Pet Training (must have a very good knowledge on pets and pet talents) - __________

If you would like to apply for any of these, just shoot us an email at
Our Twitter is - @ShadowriderAcad
Our Facebook page is - Shadowrider Academy

Spiral Live Episode 5:
Yup Spiral Live Episode 5 is tomorrow night! Hopefully we wont have any technical difficulties like in Episode 4. We will be starting later then usual due to holidays so it will start at around 9:00pm or 9:30pm EST. We hope to see you there!

Now since you have been patient and actually read through the entire post, you deserve a prize! I am going to give out 3 KIFG codes which are of a high tier to who ever can get these questions right. To win, you must email the answers to and make the subject of the email "Contest". So if I get more then 3 winners, I will put the winning names into a randomizer and the top 3 Wizards it picks will each win 1 KIFG code. So here are the questions (they all relate to the post so you needed to have read it to answer the questions):

  1. What world is my Myth questing in?
  2. What are the names of the 4 Halloween pets?
  3. Fill in the blank. This month is ______ awareness month.
  4. Who is my Twin?
  5. What is the name of the new Palooza? Fill in the blank. ____-a-palooza.
  6. What's the name of the outfit you can receive for free if you redeem the codes Wizard101 gives out?
  7. How many prizes were given out for Ravenwood Radio Episode 50?
  8. Who are the headmasters of Shadowrider Academy?

Thanks for reading and good luck with the contest! XD

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