New Halloween Special! SLBeats

October 16, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! 

I just composed and wrote a Halloween Special song for SLBeats XD So before I go all chit chat on ya, let's move on to out Halloween Special-Single

SLBeats now has a new song which you can view on the SLBeats page here and it was written and composed by me (Blaze Shadowhorn). This is called the Rise of Morganthe because as you know, me and Nick are opening our own Academy next Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 at 7pm Eastern in Ravenwood Realm Scarecrow Area 1 and the history of the Academy which can be viewed here deals with Morganthe (and Malistaire) coming back to destroy the Spiral. So Morganthe is rising so we called it the Rise of Morganthe :P Well actually that's not the reason :P We just came up with it because it sounded good but that kinda made the template for our Academy History. Well so I will give you a preview of the Rise of Morganthe bellow but make sure to view the whole song on the SLBeats page.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Rise of Morganthe-Halloween Special-Single (Written and Composed by Blaze Shadowhorn)

SLBeats Page -


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