Twins forever

October 09, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

I just read my "twin" Talon Thunderblade's most recent post and it meant the world to me :) It was on his Friend Awards and what he said for me just was very kind hearted. You can find his post here. Here is what he wrote:

A friend that is my twin.
Blaze Shadowhorn. Ok, this goes way back to June. Remember me meeting up with Ed? Blaze wanted to meet me as well. Blaze was on Wizard because it was the run with Thomas Lionblod, the Ravenwood Radio crew, and him. I will cherish that night because it was such great time. I got to add four famous bloggers (or at least to me). Edward got to add Friendly also! So one very late night, Stormriven, he asked if I wanted to farm with him. Although I had almost max gold, I still wanted to help him and save up drops to my shared bank so I could get more gold. Obviously, you need to talk about something when farming and battling because if you didn't there wouldn't be much fun. I started talking about my likes, which lead to more of hobbies. Turns out we had all things in common hobby/likes-wise. We eventually confirmed that we were twins. In fact I made huge a post dedicated to him here. Blaze and I really wanted to meet each other in real life. We thought it could never happen, but... We actually did meet up...twice. Yes, you read right, Blaze Shadowhorn and Talon Thunderblade met in real life at *insert city name park* It took forever to meet up in real life because it was completely unplanned. The conflicts were so desolating, but we made it through the end...twice. I talk with Blaze just about everyday. He inspires me, that twin of mine...

So with that I say, Talon, you will be my twin forever and I am glad to have met you :)


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  1. Dude, thanks bro, twins forever! This made my day by you posting a post I posted on. It's the gift that keeps on giving. I am glad we met in game and in real life...twice. The warmth in my heart is stirring now. The last line was a bit cheesy. Keep it there though. -Thunderblade


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