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October 20, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

When you hear the term, best for last, what do you think about. In this scenario I think about Zebrifica made real XD As I said, save the best for last so onto the new card packs ;)

Wizard101 has released a new special Halloween card pack which is the cheapest it's ever been! For only 299 Crowns, you get tons of housing items and lots of pet snacks, don't even get me started on all the tons of pets you can get (check Talon's blog for a list of tons of pets) but best of all, the outfit and mount. This outfit is amazing! Probably me favorite yet! For all of you who know how much I don't favor the Dragon's Hoard Outfit and the Wyvern's Hoard I don't mind but this is just plain E.P.I.C.

   The outfit was based off of the Ianthine Spectre pet so you knows it gotta be epic. It's got a Dragonspyre feel to it don't you think. Anyways the new outfit is epic! it's got a hat that makes your face look pitch black and all you see are two glowing green beady eyes. Spooky right. The for the outfit you have tattered rags like a cape, and for the boots, ghostly. The staff is my favorite part though. It is a Scythe. It's like the Wraith's scythe but for a staff! It glows light blue like the morning ocean but you can see the devastating darkness, wanting to seep out and break over the land.
    The mount is a horse but a ghost. Something you would see out of a scary movie with a saddle with skulls on it and a blue ghostly shade. The mount is very epic and close to my favorite so far XD Here are a few pictures of the outfit and mount.

In game they look more scary. Beware the dark.


Now we have some new Epic updates in ze Spiral! We have two, not one, but two new Mega Bundles!!! Introducing the Super Bundle and the Hawk Rider Bundle. These are the most epic bundles yet I must say. Like I say, best for last so let's start with the Hawk Rider Bundle.

The Hawkrider Bundle comes with a

(Item) Hawk Rider Bundle Gift Card.png
  • High Flying Hawk mount 
  • Night Hawk pet
  • 2 Handed Claymore (Sword)
  • Ranger Outfit
  • Teleport Tapestry
  • 1 Month Sub or 5,000 Crowns

This is one of my favorites because the armor, mount, and pet remind me of Horus, the Egyptian God which had the symbol of the Hawk/Falcon. Although the Hawk isn't a multi-player mount, you can make it one ;) I was hanging with Fallon Shadowblade from Diary of a Wizard earlier and me and her "tested" a way to make the Hawk a multi-player mount XD Check it:
It looks like i'm only standing under her (which I was) but I was moving wherever she went like I was on the mount XD This is a great deal which you can get at Wall Mart in the U.S. for $29.


WALAWALAWALAWALA!!! ZEBRIFICA MADE REAL BABY!!!  Wizard101 actually does listen to their players ideas and this is proof to all you non-believers! Wizard101 has taken the idea of my good friend, Nicholas Lionrider and his world he created, Zebrifica, and they made a house, no not a house, a Mega Bundle out of it!!! Rumors be told that this is just a layout for the follow up world to Celestia! Anyways the new Bundle info is here and it is epic! Look at the amazing stuff it gives!
    (Item) Super Bundle Gift Card.png
  • Enormous Safari Palace
  • War Rhino Mount (Multi-Player Mount!!!)
  • Great Axe (Wand/Sword)
  • Safari Outfit
  • Pet Giraffe
  • Mystery Teleport Tapestry
  • 1 Month Sub or 5,000 Crowns
Note that this is the ONLY Multi-player mount in the whole game!!! I have gotten the chance to ride it a few times with Friendly, and Fallon Shadowblade. I chilled for a bit with Stephen Spritcaller and Fallon Deathslinger (Ravenwood Radio crew) at their friends Sun Palace. I also had the honor of going to my friend Amber Unicorn Flower's Sun Palace (which is what the house is called) and viewing her outstanding house! I also rode the Rhino with her and I saw her Hawk Mount. I also got to view  her amazing gear of the Hawk Rider and Safari outfit. Here are a few pictures I got of the Super Bundle stuff.
Me, Tom, and Swag

Me, Fallon, and my pet ;)

A Tapestry! I believe it goes to the PvP Arena

Epic panorama shot of the house by me :)

The Hawk Rider Sword

Hawk Rider Hat

Hawk Rider Robe

Hawk Rider Boots

A Giraffe Pet ;)

Hawk Pet XD

Roar to you too bud :)

Woah! It's an epic waterfall!

I'm gonna call you Baloo :) Baloo from the Jungle Book :)

Baloo likes giving away free stuff like the Genie in my Sultans Palace

Epic Picture of the Day (Maybe a new header XD)

O: Ladder

Where does this lead!

Woah! This ladder goes to the inside of the house!

The Zebras, Lions, and Elephants all united together :)

Yup you can ride your mounts inside :)

Safari Hat (Me Like)

Safari Robe

Safari Boots

The Full Hawk Rider Outfit with a Giraffe and the epic Safari Axe :)

How's ya like dem apples! Pretty epic right! Well now, I had to share my joy with Nick XD We talked for a while about the epic house and Zebrifica and how he can finally stop creating fan art for it because Wizard101 has taken over that XD We still want to finish our epic music though ;) Anyways here is Nicks reaction when he first checked the house out XD


So remember when Wizard101 told us all to vote for them for an award? Remember when they said if they won they would give us a special Mystery Pet? Well they did! If you voted, check your email NOW between November 1st and look for an email from Wizard101 and it will give you a code to get the Mystery Pet. The Mystery Pet is........... A YELLOW ELF!!! This was a one time opportunity pet and only if you got lucky while playing KIFG you would have gotten it. Thanks KingsIsle soooooo much for this epic pet! I really am glad I finally got it (yea I never got it from KIFG ;) but it's pretty epic. 37 Pedigree with a Yellow Elf card at Adult, it's epic XD 

Since i'm feeling nice right now, lets say I give you the code to get this pet shall we ;) Just go to https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/2011-Audience-Award and if the code isn't there, put int he code audiencevotingreward and then you have yourself a Yellow Elf! It takes 2 hours to hatch so just be patient ;)


Now in all those pictures you have seen me not in my usual outfit but in a new one. This is my new epic outfit XD I felt it was time for change so I decided to whip up a new outfit XD I still have to get new level 60 gear to stitch with it or I might just wait till the next level cap and then stitch it with gear from there. This is basically my chill outfit and I wear it when ever I am not doing epic battles, helping epic friends, or doing epic farming battles in Hrundle Fjord. So here's another peak at my epic chill outfit XD


Now for my last part of this post. Gosh how much have i used the word E.P.I.C. in todays post lol. That should be the word of the day! This part you will love :) Random Contest!!!

So if you have read the whole post you can win this ;) To apply for the prize just send me an email with the title "Contest" to mywizard101site@gmail.com. Ok so the question is, how many times have I used the word "epic" in this post. You have to count them all and then send me your answer to mywizard101site@gmail.com with the title "Contest". Note: This includes the usage of the word epic in the whole post except for the title and this last part of the post. So if the word "epic" is in the title or this last section of the post from "Now for my last part of this post..." it doesn't count in the counting. So go ahead and count away! I will be giving out:
  • 1 KIFG code if I have 3 entries
  • 2 KIFG codes if I have 5 entries
  • 3 KIFG codes if I have 7 entries
The correct entries will be put into a randomizer and the top however many winners (1, 2, or 3) and the winners will recieve a high tier code and will be given a shout out on this weeks episode of Spiral Live, Episode 6. It will go live this Saturday, October 22nd at 8:30 EST. You will be able to view it on the Spiral Live Blog or the Livestream.

Here is a drop down menu made from HTML created by me to the main info of this post, Mega Bundle Info, and Nightmare Packs.

Thanks for reading my post! Now go count your "epic" words and send your emails!
-Blaze Shadowhorn

P.S. Shadowrider Academy Opening Day is this Sunday, October 23rd at 7pm EST. Meet everyone in Ravenwood realm Scarecrow area 1. Meet your faculty and friends and get ready for an amazing Wizardly experience :)


  1. Awesome post! I like the pictures :D

    -Amber UnicornFlower

  2. Thanks for the post! It really helped. Now I may get one of the super bundle... Is it out yet?


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