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July 24, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

Here we are, The B(logger) Team. From left, Sean Dragonflame, Blaze Shadowhorn, Malorn Ghostrider, Mark Stormhunter. Today we all took a farming trip in Wintertusk (Hrundle Fjord) to stock up on items to sell for gold. So you know how I used to farm Stormriven bosses for gold. Well then it took a good 6+ minutes to kill a boss which dropped 1-2 items that you can sell. Thanks to Malorn and Mark for cluing me in that a "street" battle in Wintertusk takes 5 times less time plus you get 1-2 items per battle. That means in 6 minutes you could get a good 4+ items while you would be getting 1-2 items in Stormriven for the same amount of time. Sorry if this is all confusing lol. 

In this picture Mark is out because Talon, Hilarious Thaumaturge (on Moon sigel) ported. We decided to send some Ice Gobblers home to finish up mine and Mark's quest. 
After this we farmed some bosses. Mainly we farmed Mimir Winterbane for his awesome items he drops. He dropped the all powerful Dragon's Shield Amulet which sells for a whopping 12,888 gold!   It is a good way to get easy easy easy gold! If you get 2 of them like Alex did, you get 24,000 gold from just two items. 

We had such a fun time farming for gold and now we do it often :)
Well that's the end of today's post. Cya in the Spiral! 

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  1. That was really fun, we should do it again sometime! By the way I'm wondering. Did you use my picture?


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