~Fairgrounds In My House Say Whah!~

July 12, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Yea you heard right! Introducing Blaze Shadowhorn's Fairgrounds! It is just like your normal fairgrounds except you don't have to leave the house! The only thing it lags from the normal fairgrounds is a Carousel which I am working on crafting. It has the plaza area with a fountain in the middle. It is pretty sweet I must say.

Anyways here are a few pictures I took of the Fairgrounds:

entrance (side view)

Mini-Game Kiosk (Tent)

Well actually... There is something else I am missing. I only have one mini-game. I decided to put it in the Astral tent cause it looks the coolest ;P. Anyways, when I get more mini-games (which I will buy with crowns) I will finish the fairgrounds up.

Also for most of you who haven't seen my house (which most of you have) I am going to show some pictures of it. Here are the pictures of my Sultans Palace:
Water/Fire Fountain


Krok Gods of PvP
Piano o Mine
Grand Dinning Hall 
Dragonspyre Room

Bed Room (Double Bunk Beds ;)

Krokotopia Room


  1. Nice house! I remember helping you with the krok gods, lol that took forever.

  2. Thanks Malorn XD Yea those Kroks took forever lol. I haven't seen you on the past few days. CITS :D


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