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Yo wizzys! So the July Newsletter has been released. It is basically like the normal newsletter except this one talks about the new Malistaire Cutscene which I covered in this post. It basically talks about Malistaire challenging you to face him again. Nothing new or special. Here is the direct post though from wizard101.com:

"Malistaire Challenge!
Malistaire has sent out a challenge to all Wizards who have defeated him in the past to come back and challenge him again.
Those of you who accept his challenge will notice an update to the encounter that includes new cinematics and more to the story of his treachery and deceit.

Players can team up to re-do the Malistaire encounter in Dragonspyre, and very brave young Wizards can also choose to complete this dungeon alone, if you dare!"

Wizard101 Gamma
Ok so that's the Malistaire stuff. Now onto something cool! The Wizard1101 Fan Fiction is back XD It is very exciting because they are now accepting submissions to be in it! It is very exciting for all you Wizards who love writing those fan fictions of yours. You can finally show them to a bigger audience then a blog etc. So don't be shy, get out there and share your story TODAY! I love reading them and they are like amazingly awesome and a few good friends of mine write them. You may recognize Timmothy Lighttalon from his blog, The Necromancers Epitaph or from twitter. On twitter he is under @TimmyDeathWiz.  He writes pretty amazing fan fictions and I highly encourage you to read them. :)
Wizard101 Ice Professor Lydia Greyrose

Now the part I think is the most important. Professor Greyrose struck a key point which I found very important and something all wizards must know. Professor Greyrose talks about since school is out and many more Wizards are in the Spiral now, we must be friendly to them and do a good deed every once in a while. For instance; if you see a young Wizard who is stuck on a quest, direct them to their goal. Be a good role model for the younger students. There is a famous saying called "What goes around, comes around". If you don't understand it, it means if you do something good for someone, in the future someone will do something good to you and vice versa. 

Another topic which I find very crucial is the topic of mean and rude wizards who use foul language etc. They set a bad example for Wizards new and old. Here is a quote from the professor:
"Those young Wizards who choose to be mean or inappropriate should realize that everything that a player enters into the chat window is logged and those chat logs are read by the Professors." Basically everything a Wizard says is monitored and read by the professors. Wizard101 has given us the ability to report someone if you see them cursing outside the filter, using curse words in general, giving out user names and passwords, giving out personal information, predatory threats, racist comments etc. If someone is bothering you with all their "talk" just click the ignore button. You will see this the most in the commons on realm Wu area 1. 

Anyways, this was all the stuff covered in the Ravenwood  Newsletter of July 2011. Have a great weekend and Cya Monday at my 4th of July party XD

(All pictures and info etc. cited from https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/newsletter)


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