~Twin Power~

July 11, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 3 Comments

Hey guys! So most of you know of the Heroic Pyromancer aka Talon Thunderblade. Well yesterday we had a good 3 hour chat lol. Well technically it wasn't a sit down and have coffee chat. It was more a we are farming in Stormriven and getting items to sell and get gold chat setting. Anyways we started battling and chatted for a long time and found that we have like everything in common.

We both enjoy reading. We especially enjoy reading the Rick Riordan books. These include the Percy Jackson series, The Hero's of Olympus (based after Percy Jackson series) and the Kane Chronicles. We didn't know that we both loved these series. Percy Jackson and Hero's of Olympus both deal with Greek Mythology while the Kane Chronicles deal with Egyptian Mythology. I enjoy both forms of mythology soooooo much and so does Talon.

We also found out that we like the same card games! When you hear the word "card game" you normally think of like go fish etc. Well not in this case! We both enjoy playing two amazing games. One of which is very well known and the other is just well known. These are Yugioh and Chaotic. Yugioh has had many connections to Wizard101 because you fend off monsters and you use cards. Well you have your hand and you have your deck. It is very cool how much the two games have in common. Chaotic on the other hand is also similar to this but semi different. Both games deal with cards but Chaotic you can also play online. Your cards have codes on them which you scan and then they get added to your online deck. I have many cards that I play with IRL and then I have them online. I prefer online because it gives a 3D version of the monster or mugic you are using. We talked about our favorite cards for Yugioh and Chaotic. Chaotic I favor Mepedians while Talon favors Overworld. Mepedians are sneaky creatures that are very cool. Overworld creatures like the all powerful Maxxor are strong and highly dangerous. I favor these games sooooo much and so does Talon cause these are card games that I highly suggest you play. You might be like Yugioh is so 6th grade but to tell you the truth, your never to old to play a game you enjoy.

We also got into the topic of  *says in british accent* Harry Potter. We both chatted for a while on this topic and actually at that moment I was watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV. Most of you know how all those Wizards make thousands of connections between Wizard101 and Harry Potter. Well here are my connections:
1. Deals with magic and spells (duh)
2. You are defending against the Dark Arts (Malistaire and Morganthe)
3. You are a young Wizard who doesn't know his full potential yet.
Aren't these good similarities!? Harry Potter has amazing books and movies and if you haven't seen or read them go do that now!

 Next came the musical side of us. We both play Guitar, Drums and Piano. We both enjoy the same music plus we both play the same songs lol. Talon and I both like the piano because it is a calm and peaceful instrument. I enjoy having all these things in common with Talon lol. It makes me sooooo happy XD

Well anyways. While we were battling, we got this thing we like to call, twintuition.  It's our twin intuition ;) We both can like predict what spells eachother uses and like it is very cool. So yea. I am surprised you actually made it through this post with out getting bored lol. Even if you did don't tell me that ;P So yea, thanks for reading and you can find the link to Talon's blog bellow. Cya in the Spiral!

Talon's blog - theheroicpyromancer.blogspot.com


  1. Woot! Twin power! We even promoted things we loved. Are we like long lost twin bros lol? I like how there is an image fro everything liked. Me going to post this later. Ttyl its.-Thunderblade

  2. Haha maybe. Alex and I are watching LOTR right now lol. CITS


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