~Crafting Progress~

July 11, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! So over the past month and a half I have progressed soooooo much with Crafting. I went from the first Crafting quest in Dragonspyre to the final Crafting quest in Celestia. This was a hard and long process but sooooo worth it. You miss out on soooo much if your not crafting. I have crafted many items (not for quest). Here is my list so far:

  • Level 55 Ice/Storm boots
  • Tritons Torc Amulet
  • Pavilion
  • Moon Banner (2x)
  • Stone Bridge
  • Brick Walled Pond
  • Water Bucket

I am sooooo close to the Male Mannequin. Here is what I still need:
37 Diamonds!

Anyways, here are a few pictures of what I crafted:

Remember to keep working and never give up! I kinda gave up on the Celestian Observatory but I regret it now. Anyways push your self to the limit and don't be afraid to ask for help from a fellow Wizard. I would never have gotten this far with out the help of many Wizards. There is one in particular I want to mention. Tatiana Shadowflame. You guys don't know how much she has helped me. She has helped me through the toughest situations with crafting and has given sooooo much to me I don't know how to repay her. An hour ago she was selling Golden Pearls and Diamonds for me so I can use them for crafting. Tatiana I just wanted to say thanks for all you've done for me :)


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