~Ravenwood Radio Episode 45 featuring... FRIENDLY!!!~

July 21, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! How are you doing today! Well yesterday Ravenwood Radio episode 45 went live with guess host.... Friendly! She had a previous engagement that evening so the generous Stephen Spiritcaller asked Friendly if he wanted to guest host. As we all know... Friendly loves his myth bats ;P

Sadly I missed the live recording of Ravenwood Radio *plays sad music* it was.... sooo sad :( Anyways I am looking forward to listening to it later today. If you attending the live recording, please comment and tell me how it was. How was the party? Did Stephen say "LEEEEEEROYYYY JENKINSSSS!!! ;)

Well time to go :) Until next time. This is Blaze Shadowhorn Signing off on this post :)


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