~New Petnome Project Submission Form 2.0~

July 01, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Your watching TV and then this commercial with Kevin Battleblood pops up:

Kevin: Are you tired of the current Petnome Project Submission Form?
You: Yes

Kevin: Do you want an easier way to submit your pet info for us?
You: YES!

Kevin: Well now that is all possible! Introducing the Petnome Project Submission Form 2.0!!! This is a faster, easier and more simpler way to send us your pet info. With new step by step instructions for uploading a photo and much more easier contact info page. Now you can also include comments, feedback, and suggestions!!! Well isn't that not awesome! So drop by petnome.pbworks.com and check out the new submission for which you can find here. See ya in the Spiral, KBB out!

WOW! You just heard that straight from your TV! Isn't that not wicked! Anything you hear from your TV you should believe *cough cough*. Nah this is actually very cool and I highly suggest you check it out! 

See ya in the Spiral!

Here is the link again for all of you who missed it in the TV add ;)


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