~Chillin With Ed, Mark, Chase, and Sophie~

July 02, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Ok, so this is what has/is going down right now. Ed Lifegem, Mark Stormhunter, Chase Earthblade, and Sophie Silverheart and I are at my Sultans Palace. First it was Chase and I vs Mark. Then it got interesting. It was me and Chase vs Ed and Mark. Chase so gratefully got killed instantly by a mega Levy by Mark and decided to flee leaving me in a 1v2 battle with two amazingly powerful Wizards.
Correctamundo my good friend ;P

Anyways I actually did pretty darn well saying I was in a 1v2 lol. I had Ed and Mark down to a few hundred health due to a critical Angel. Then Ed makes me loose my focus and makes me remove my Ice Armor from my hand (which I only have 2 of in my deck) thus making me have no shielding except for my tower shields and legion shields. Next Ed goes all Rebirth on me and maks my angel hits seem like a measly fire cat lol, After that, Ed decided to do something called a "victory heal". Apparently you heal before you kill... Hmm Ed. Don't you know that it isn't a victory until you have killed the person :P Anyways Ed healed with a Unicorn spell and then Mark finished me off with a devastating Leviathan. Over all it was pretty fun! Right now Ed and Chase are doing some 1v1 matches. Ed is on his legendary, Edward Icegem (go figures), and Chase is on Chase (level 39 Death). Later It was supposed to be a rematch but it got scrambled up and it ended up being Mark and I vs Ed and Chase. Chase and Ed fled (cause we were to scary) so yea. Who's got the victory now Ed XD Not you... MEH :P

Here are some of the pictures:


I just felt like putting that out there ;)

Me taking that final hit like a man

Yea who has the victory now Ed :P

Was gonna go for a victory kill but cant kill what you cant see... :(

I got in the way of Ed's Ancient Wyvern spell (level 58 pet spell)


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