Happy Birthday Wizard101!!!

September 02, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

Happy Birthday Wizard101!!! Wizard101 turns 3 years old as of this month!!! Celebrations will be going on throughout the whole month. There will be many giveaways, contests etc.We have a good 20 Million Wizards to celebrate this birthday with! Make sure to constantly check the Ravenwood News for updates on the birthday and contests etc. You can also get a special Birthday item if you go to the following link. I got an epic item which I got last year but you can get various items from this code. Wizard101 3rd Birthday Code.

Also I love how the decorated Ravenwood! It is sooooo epicness. Well I decided to mix and match some items I have never worn to make a special "Wizard101 Birthday Outfit" XD Here it is:

Isn't it just awesome! Well anyways don't forget to do the code and make sure to stop by Ravenwood to check out all the awesome decorations!

Once again, Happy Birthday Wizard101!!!

Happy Birthday Wizard101!!!  

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