Lost Artifacts Retrieved After Years!

September 21, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Location - Krokotopia
*Krokotopia Music*

Blaze: Hey Alex, come look at this!

Alex: What? *rushes over to Blaze*

Blaze: *pulls out an old wooden chest* I found this chest inside the The Tomb of The Beguiler. I have a feeling something old and rare is inside this but being the nice brother I am, I wanted to open it with you.

Alex: Well what are you waiting for! I'm here so open it!

Blaze: WOOT! *slowly opens the chest* WOAH! Alex do you see what I see!

Alex: Yea! How couldn't I! It's been like 3 years since we've seen these!

Blaze: Yea these are pictures from when I was a low level and oh, I see you in that picture! We were doing an arena match, your fire (Alex Hawk) and my balance.

Alex: *sighs* Good times, good times.

Ah, I hope you all enjoyed that little skit of mine :) Well let me explain it if you didn't understand. 3 days ago, I took my old laptop in to my school to have them take the info on my old (beyond repair) laptop and put it on my current laptop. Well they did and I was shocked and stunned to see my old pictures!  They are when I was a level 50 on my Ice and my Balance was such a low level lol. My Balance and Storm were questing in Marleybone at the time and trust me, that was a while ago!

I found some of my old pictures I made and I was shocked to see how bad they were! Like they were boxes and no renders! :P Silly Modern Technology :P Well I am going to show you some of them and I want your input on them :) Just comment bellow and tell me what you think! And yes, I did have a girl wiz :P Got rid of her though. It's also surprising that my Myth just did the quest my balance is doing in picture 3 a few days ago!

Original Outfit #1

Original Outfit #2

Blaze (Balance) doing Newgate Prison Quest

Me and Alex 2v2

Original Drawings (before renders ;)

Eh... Horrible

Terrible drawing :P

You call that a strong Judgement hit! Check my Balance out 30 levels later ;)

Well I hope you enjoyed that slideshow back through time! Until next post :)
Cya in the Spiral,


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