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September 22, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

You know when your in school and you get bored. You know the feeling where you totally need something to do... Well I figured it out!

In school, I have started doing many Wizard101 drawings. They are sweet! I have made some drawings of random Ice wizards, a Wizard101 Elementalist for the Elementalists, and a completely new outfit which is based off of Lord of the Rings (LOTR), and Nicholas Lionrider's Zebrifica

So to start off, the Elementalists drawing is of a Wizard with a robe (kinda like mine), and he is controlling the 3 elements, Ice, Fire, and Storm. His hand is on fire like in Avatar (the cartoon and movie). His staff is a totally tricked out Ice wand that has the ice symbol at the top. Now for the Storm school, I have a cloud next to him and out of the cloud are numerous streaks of lightning. I personally like this one a lot but the hard part was figuring out what he would wear. It was complicated but it looks sweet. Here is a picture of the Elementalist:

The Elementalist

Next we have the new outfit based off of LOTR and Nick's Zebreifica. It was originally going to be like the Elvin outfits from LOTR with the kind of robe/kimono or what ever you want to call it with a school symbol broach. In this case it is the Ice symbol because I am ice but check out that staff XD Then the outfit became mixed in with jungle stuff so I thought, "Hey, Why not make it in-relation to Zebrifica!" So I started adding some (a lot) Tony the Tiger stripes :P It is like epicness and like the Elements staff, it is custom made. It is kinda like a double bladed spear head. The head spears intersect and yea... It's epic :P But the outfit is cool. I had a trouble with the boots. I might edit them up and look like the level 5 kinda boots and add some Tony the Tiger stripes. Now let's stop chatting and show the outfit shall we!

LOTR and Zebrifica Themed Outfit

Epic right XD Well here are some other drawings of mine. I like the Ice Wand because it just looks plain epic XD Well here ya go!

Random Ice Wizard

Epic Ice Wand 

Non-Finished Prestigious Outfit

So what do you think? You like? Leave a comment bellow and tell me what you think :D
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Those are so cool! Speaking of drawings, did you read my post where the drawing of nick is there? I also give you permission to copy paste my drawing onto this post! Please? And then put my drawing of you with nick!


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