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WOOT WOOT!!!! Today is the 1st ever mywizard101site Wizaversary!!! I am so glad I finally made it to this occasion XD I would not have been able to get here without the tremendous effort of our amazing community.

This community has inspired me ever so much and I am so glad that I get to share this day with all of you :) I actually reached a few goals of mine:

  1. Hit 20,000 views. Now we are almost at 25,000 views!!!!
  2. Hit 100 followers. Now I can finally host my 100th follower contest!!! (I need ideas though :P)
  3. I met many new Wizards throughout the Spiral and befriended many.
This next one wasn't a goal of mine but it has been a life changing experience for me...
     4. Being the co-host of Spiral live. 
This is a podcast run every other Saturday night by me (Blaze Shadowhorn) and Nicholas Lionrider, lionriderking.blogspot.com. It starts at 8:30 Eastern time. We just had Episode 3 this past Saturday so next episode is September 24th, 2011.

Now this last goal was unaccomplished. First off, this was my main goal from the beginning. My goal was to be on the Wizard101 Fan Links page. This did not happen due to Wizard101 not accepting any more entries. Although was not accomplished, I now know that it isn't about the popularity about your blog or how well-known you are, it's about just enjoying what you do and make others happy as well :)

I am glad i'v reached this milestone in my blogging carer and so thank you to everyone :) I would not be here with out you.

To finish this off, I have a mywizard101site Wizaversary video for all of you. It is basically a video of mywizard101site and how it has progressed. Now before I show the video, I just want to ask of you to please follow this blog if you are not doing so already. The more support the better :)
Now without further a due, here is the video:

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your glorious week :)

P.S.  I will be hosting a Wizaversary party soon but as of now I don't know when.  
Thanks again :)
-Blaze Shadowhorn


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