KIFG Back Up!!!

September 03, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

YAY!!!! KI Free Games (KIFG) is back up!!! No more playing constantly to get a high score and not get a prize! Well now you can! I just got the info from Christopher Iceblade about the new Prizes for the month of September:

Christopher Iceblade

@BlazeShadowhorn For the month of September 2011, the bonus items include reagents, pet snacks, gardening seeds, rental mounts, transformations and rare casting wands!

Basically this is the same rewards from July but... Who doesn't love getting free items especially awesome wands/swords! 
Well that's the end of today's post but if you want to go play KIFG now click on the following link:
Remember to tune into Spiral Live next Saturday, September 10th for Episode 3. You would be able to view it here


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