2 Year Blogaversary | Blog Update | Contest Winners

September 12, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 8 Comments

It's my 2 year Blogaversary!!! 

It's been a great 2 years running this blog and I could not have done it without your belief in me. I have gone through many blog titles such as mywizard101site, Tales of the Spiral (ft. Ethan Mythcaller), The Transcended Thaumaturge, and my current and final blog title, Tales of the Spiral. In addition to that, I accomplished all my goals! 
  • Interview someone who works with Kingsisle
  • Reach 59,000 Page Views
  • Reach 150 Followers
I'm so happy I got to accomplish all that and. Anyways, it has been great and all but I am sure you guys want to hear more about the blog update and the 150 Followers Contest winners ;) Keep reading to find out!

Furthermore, what in Ambrose's name is up with my new blog layout!?!?!? I have been working with my good friend Swordroll (aka Jason Goldriver) to improve my blog and make it 10 times better. Jason is an amazing guy with amazing talent. Not only did he create my background, but he also created my header, and helped me with some of the HTML! He is unbelievable! You really should go and check out his amazing blog at www.swordroll.com. So, what changes have been made?
  • It is now easier to locate Wizard101 & Pirate101 posts just by clicking on the tab up-top. 
  • By clicking More Pages, it takes you to a page where you can click an image to view the following pages:
    • Interviews
    • Pirate101 Basics
    • Pirate101 Lore
    • Thaumaturge Tips
    • Go Green With Kingsisle
    • Staying Safe Online
  • The blogger toolbar on the top has been removed
  • The new background is up
  • The new header is finally complete with newer and easier ways to locate the pages you want to view.
I really hope you guys like it because we put a lot of effort into it and I really hope you all enjoy it.

Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for... THE CONTEST WINNERS!!!

Although the contest was up for a little over a month, it got a whopping 892 entries!!! And... I HIT 171 FOLLOWERS!!! That's 21 followers over my goal and 41 followers up from where I was when I started the contest. Thank you all so much for entering. It really means a lot to me and now... The winners and prizes!

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all of you who entered. Now for the prizes. Number 1 will get the 5,000 Crowns code. Numbers 2 & 3 will get a 2,500 Crowns code, and 4-6 will each get one hoard pack of their choice. I entered the winners into Random.org and here are the results...

Congratulations once again to all! You will all be sent emails regarding your prizes within the next week. Once again, thank you all for helping me reach this momentous occasion of my 2 year Blogaversary and always checking back to my blog and reading my posts. It really means a lot to me.

I hope you all enjoy the new blog layout! I'd like to hear your feedback on it so I'd appreciate it if you left a comment answering this: Do you like it? Whats your favorite part? 

See you in the Spiral!


  1. Happy Blogaversary Blaze!! :)

  2. Happy blogaversary, mon amie! I don't know what more to say - the time I've known you has been great, and I'm sure there's more to come!
    Here's to many more! *raises mug of Yum*

    1. Thanks Des! You've always been there supporting me and always having my back and I'm so glad that we are friends :)
      Here's to many more! *raises mug of Yum*

  3. Grats to all the winners :D And the new blog set-up is amazing! The background and header are beautiful! Everything is neat and clean while still having some beautiful art to look at! Very nice job guys, it looks GREAT!

    1. Thanks Paige! It really means a lot to me knowing you like it :)

  4. Gratz blaze :D your blog is amazing and can't wait to see more of your work :D


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