Fin Dorsal Demolition

September 09, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

Arr ye mateys!

Recently, I've been playing more in Pirate101 and I have been questing with friends as well as leveling up. I have progressed more in Skull Island and have met up with many twirates as well as new people. I have tons of stories to share with you so just keep reading for my tales of the Spiral ;)

I completed some quests and finally got to my first dungeon/boss battle.

Once in, I meet Marcus and his crew who are sharks. 

I accept his challenge and start a vicious battle with him in which there are many crates. With a little help from Swordroll, I realize that these crates aren't worth my time to destroy and I should focus on the main boss.

Me and my trusty companions taught Marcus not to mess with us which then lead him to give us the information we were looking for.

Marcus gave me some helpful information which leads me to a room full of Troggies where they guard obelisks that when you click 'x', activate a part of the pump that drains water out of the room. 

I almost died in the battle but luckily I got all the obelisks thanks to my helpful companions.

Once I defeated them, the leader gave me information on how to find the shark boss, Fin Dorsal.

Doesn't he look tough? He's actually a decently hard boss (for a low level Pirate like me). The battle lasted a while.

Me and my crew got some hits on them.

 Did some crucial damage to sharks.

Sergeant Shepard helped me out in the battle and we did a good job knocking off the sharks one at a time.

Sadly we lost the battle.. It was a good first attempt but I'm sure we will succeed next time.

Anyways, thanks for reading about my adventures with Fin Dorsal. If your in beta, do you have any tips for me as to how I can beat Fin? What strategies did you find the most helpful?

See you in the Spiral!

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  1. Privateer and healing helps, make sure to take your best companion first, try to defeat fin first and then the others if that doesn't work the others and then Fin. If it gets too bad I will help if you want! :) good luck!


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