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September 16, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Yesterday, I got the honor to interview my good friend Mason Swiftblade. If you don't know Mason, he is an official Wizard101 UK  blogger who runs the blogs The Life of a Pirate and The Life of a Wizard. He plays on both Wizard101 US and UK servers as well as Pirate101 Beta. In this interview, Mason and I discuss many different things about Wizard101 and Pirate101 as well as a sneak peak at why The Life of a Wizard is not published right now which you guys are going to be very intrigued when you read it. Keep reading for the amazing interview with Mason Swiftblade!

Hello Mason. Thanks for agreeing to this interview! I'm sure those who read it will learn a lot from it. So why don't you start off by telling the readers a little about yourself.
Well, my real name is Tyler :). I am 13 years old and I live in London. My parents are from Albania. I started playing Wizard101 when I was 9, I was a player of Toontown then and as I googled for the Toontown website, I came a cross an ad for Wizard101. At the time, the game was just released. I had a life character which I leveled until 10 but had to abandon as my parent's wouldn't buy me a membership. In 2010, I then made a new death character and leveled him up, then bought a membership! When Wizard101 UK came out in late 2010, I was so excited, not for the game itself, but for all that empty community space. I had tried many times to create a blog when playing Wizard101 US and always failed. When Wizard101 UK came out, I soon created a blog and asked people to read it!

Being the first official blogger for Wizard101 UK, what kind of privileges were you given? 
 At the time, there weren't many privileges, since the game had only just been released. Since I was the only UK #twizard and UK blogger at the time, I used to go on Twitter and advertise Wizard101 UK, asking people to check it out and stuff. I became very good friends with Fallon Shadowblade, who helped me create the 1st Wizard101 UK Anniversary Party! This was the time when my blog started getting more popular and more known!
At Christmas, GameForge sent me a gift, a Wizard101 mug and a nice poster, both which still live proudly! As the game still increases, we get access to more privileges.

Are you going to be playing Pirate101 when it goes live and if so, what class will you be and what do you look forward to the most? 
Definitely! I was lucky enough to get a closed beta key for Pirate101 and it is AWESOME! I especially love the ship to ship combat, which is what I will be mostly looking forward to! My favorite class has to be Swashbuckler, it just relates to me so much in real life! People tell me I am really sneaky and sly, much like the swashbuckler, so I will be looking forward to that! What I will be looking forward to when the game is released is ship to ship combat and the storyline, which I think is really interesting!

Do you think Pirate101 will be released to the UK sometime in the next year or two?
I do hope so! Wizard101 is a great success here in the UK, with game cards for Wizard101 UK in every Sainsburys store! If Pirate101 is released, it would be awesome!

Whats your favorite thing about Wizard101 and Pirate101? 
My favourite thing about Wizard101 has to be the storyline, it just has so much tension! When I first finished the Malistaire storyline, I remember being up all night playing Wizard101 because the storyline kept me hooked, it was interesting and it was awesome to see what was waiting for you around the corner! Same with Pirate101, although the thing that I really liked about Pirate101 was those puppet shows! They are so awesome!!!!!
Mason, prior to this interview, you told me you had a special surprise you were working on. I realized your blog "The Life of a Wizard" is not up anymore... Do you have any special plans for it or any info you want to leak?
I plan to make major changes to my fansite, I will be having a full rebrand with brand new content and lots more features! That's all I can say for now!

Well thank you for this amazing interview Mason! I'm sure everyone enjoyed reading your answers. Do you have anything you want to add or ask me?
I'd just like to really thank you for this interview, it was great answering these questions and I wish you the best of luck with Tales of the Spiral!!!


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